Caliber 2 Hangers (Australia)

Hi, I’m desperately in requirement of a caliber 2 hanger (1x) for my board. I’m looking to eventually upgrade to dual 6374 and shipping for hangers from the states is BAD, like really bad.

If anyone can help me out with something that’s not so harsh to Australians, that would a life-saver!

Thanks for your help!


pm’d u

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(:EDIT:) I don’t know how to edit but I completely forgot to mention it has to be 220mm hangers.


So you want caliber style hangers that are >220mmm :wink:
Only options are Boardnamics, or Torqueboards 218mm.

Maybe @glyphiks has something in the bathroom or in his bed (yes, his workshop is full so space in limited)

or maybe @dareno but i think he died


No can do. I did have a spare TB truck, but i gave it to another dude in need.

Hopefully shipping prices from the states come down soon, because it’s pretty woeful at the moment.

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Much appreciated on the reply, keeping my eye out on boardnamics for now. Thanks guys :slight_smile:

Not dead

Slightly disillusioned

Alive and well.