Cable repair on hub motor - suggestions needed

I have a Unlimited x loaded, there’s been some abrasion/wear on the cable going in in, really close the he connector. My only guess for what to do here is make it off, solder together and then use heatshrink/sugru and hope?
Any other suggestions welcome!

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Taking the hub appart to replace the cables would be the best solution but I don’t know if you can do that easily
The other solution would be to slide some electrical tape between the cables but it probably won’t last very long and could kill your motor in the end in case of short circuit

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Strip some electrical tape really thin . Probably have a little wiggle room to pull out ever so slightly too. Then wrap it up. Coat with liquid electric tape and send it! If you crash because of this I apologize in advance, wear a helmet and shoe’s.

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Since it looks like there is not yet any damage to the wires, or it is minimal, I’d throw some solder onto each wire to strengthen them a little, and then cover the exposed wire. Just keep in mind that adding solder can make the bit of wire unable to bend easily or at all so don’t add too much.


Thanks, my solution was going to be to try and make off at the break so I could use some heatshrink but the liquid electrical tape is a good idea. I’ll strap up wires to be as close to immobile as possible and if the repair looks good sugru might be an option…

I would go for some marine (hot glue lined) heat shrink, you can slice hot glue sticks and slide them in for a bit more protection (the black sticks are more flexible), if you are not great at wire repairs but if you can disassemble the hub go for a full wire replacement