[BUY] Double Stack Enclosure - New or Used

For tb40 deck. Located in the US - Norcal. Open to shipping.

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The big one on the left here works for the tb deck if I leave the flange bigger. (If it’s the same deck that was made on the Hummie mould)
It’s roomy.
£70 plus shipping which is around £27


next thing u know would be he says ur enclosure is only worth 35 freedom dollar shipped :crazy_face:

those price are cheap, really, for something that good


Hell of a deal
@AviatorEsk8er This is what I was telling you about maybe do some extra chores around the house and hit up mom or dad to help you out

Just don’t mess up on the holes I plug those other ones so I could do something like this with that board
And get with @Fosterqc on how to Epoxy the base plate areas so it will be stronger so there won’t be any cracks


Bump! Still looking!!