Bustin Yoface Hybrid. Yolo

I gave away both my last mile boards for christmas. I’m down to just my hybrid eMTB commuter. Told myself I’m going to build my own boards from now on.

but then I don’t have a last mile board… so I YOLO impulse purchased this Yoface hybrid to give me more time to DIY. hope i don’t regret it. :smiley: it is pretty.


Return it and get a BKB kit ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

(In all seriousness that thing kinda sucks, its just the battery is very poor quality)


Read more here, still pretty applicable to the yoface I’m sure.


Heh. i’m totally gonna regret this. :smiley:

You could purchase just the deck and enclosure, they sell them as a DIY kit.

I’m currently waiting for my sportster kit to arrive.


I’m already collecting parts to build a tayto and an eMTB hybrid. so if this gets me to the train and back (~5km) and is easy enough to carry on the train when my commuter is down It’ll be ok.

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Think just the sportster deck DIY sold, not the yoface

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That’s a shame

Yeah, I asked them for a YoFace enclosure without luck.

I ordered one in their Blem sale, saw someone’s internals and realized just how bad it is. I cancelled immediately and got out of it. Better get a deck and enclosure separately. Or just get the BKB kit.

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Currently changing out the battery in mine with a 10s2p 30q from its samsung 10s2p 22p

If you already change the battery I would also change the ESC. And if you have the space, do 10s3p or 12s2p :slight_smile:

Mine arrived I didn’t open it. I failed to abort before it shipped. Pretty sure from the reports I won’t like the esc/remote response.

Just give it a go, you’re meant to mess around and have dumb fun with this crossover board, not sweat over range and top speed.

Yeah, you might as well ride it hard until it fails and only then upgrade the internals. Who knows, maybe you even end up liking it. :wink:

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So, based on the phone call with them Return Policy is you can return it new. if you pay shipping. but if it’s in anyway used. and you’re dissatisfied, they won’t accept returns.

what did you previously own that you gave away anyway? you didn’t say…

boosted v2. and boosted v1.

@fessyfoo How’d this turn out? I’m thinking kicktail + hubs is my next build for bumping around the local area / last mile missions off the train, and this thing looks very close to what I would probably build. I can’t imagine I would get away with $700 though.

I’ve got one with like 20-30miles on it, ide let go for $400 shipped in the US

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