Bustin’ YoFace ESC with Hoyt Puck

Got the internals open for the Bustin’ YoFace. Is there a way to connect it up with a Hoyt Puck? It’s intended for another build with a Unity. I thought it may be fun to play with though. Any help would be awesome! Thanks!


I didn’t think using external input was possible with these esc’s. I think they do have canbus so maybe…

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Any recommendations?

well, your options are to stick with the remote that comes with the esc


get a new esc

you’ll need a vesc-based ESC to properly program the input from the puck anyway.

Looks like a 10s battery from here. you can use flipshite or makerx. I think @karamq has a makerX dual that would fit right in there…


its not possible with lingyi esc, which is what u have right now


this is what you need to make that puck work


Thanks, I’ll just wait for my FocBox Unity to arrive

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haha hopefully you didn’t order it from enertion

Haha! No, I did not.

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Please stay away from these lingyi escs, they are very dangerous.
I have a pile of broken/ factory defect lingyi esc…

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Any chance, u have one of those remote u not using? I needed one of those shitty one for my friend.

Yeah, I’m going to swap this once it goes

No, this is the only one I have

I was actually asking @iNoLikeFlexyDecks :sweat_smile:

Might be able to help u out