Bulk Buy for Molicel P42A, Best 21700 Cell there is, for $4.5/cell

Hello, fellow Esk8rs, I have recently gained some connections with the Molicel (I’ll get into who they are in a bit) company and was told that I could get some absurdly cheap pricing on their P42A cells with the bulk of 1000 batteries or more.

Firstly, some insights into Molicel. E-One Moli Energy Corp., or better known as Molicel was originally founded in 1998 in BC, Canada and was later bought by Taiwanese investors, and now its facility in Maple Ridge, BC stands as the only North American high volume manufacturer of rechargeable lithium-ion batteries. Their Ultra-High Power Cell series features:

  • High discharge current.
  • Exceptional cycle life
  • Low temperature operation down to -40°C
  • High thermal stability, high reliability
  • Very low impedance
  • Fast charge

I myself was looking for cells for my new build which I’ll probably post about another day, and I came across the Molicel P42A, which just blew me away with its datasheet. It’s got a 4200mAh capacity with 600-1000 cycles under 20A continuous discharge stress test, it also has an insane 90A burst discharge with a 45A continuous discharge @80 celsius cut and 40A continuous worry-free discharge. That’s 10A more continuous discharge and 200mAh more capacity than the infamous Samsung 40T which was formerly recognized by most as the best 21700 Cell for Esk8. This Cell is so good, even LaCroix uses it in their boards, and we all know that LaCroix is not some pretending wanna-be premium brand, it is the most premium brand there are.

Right now I’d just like to know about the demand for this bulk buy. I can get a low price of $4.5 per cell, which is $2.5 cheaper than the official listing price for one cell. Guys this is basically the manufacturing price of the cells plus transportation costs to North America, factory to buyer.

If you’re interested, DM me on Instagram @esk8victoria

I’ll also update under this Topic frequently to tell you guys how far we are from 1000. That’s it for now, peace

Edit #1: This is directly copy pasted from Esk8 builders’ forum, as instructed by @ahrav . Thanks man.
also, we’re 400/1000 in less than a day! Be sure to tell people who are interested to contact me fast.

I’d also like to address another issue somebody has mentioned about my post in the previous forum - My credibility. I am fully aware that not even I myself would trust somebody like me, who just out of the blue, first posting a group-buy. That’s why, I offer a solution - after 1000 cells are in place, send me your money through Paypal as a goods transaction, so you can do a credit card call back if I don’t deliver.

Also, Shipping fee needs to be covered by the individuals, since I’m not profiting anything from this group buy. Sorry for the confusion on the other forum.

Once again, my esk8 Instagram is @esk8victoria, so talk to me there if you still have more concerns.



Hi and welcome, where are you located?

Edit never mind, it seems like I didn’t see it on your profile when i first looked at it.


BC, Canada

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I guess this will be exclusively directed to North America’s members. Is your price CAD or USD?

USD, if this was in CAD it’ll be too good to be true lol


Sketchy sketch😊 won’t trust it

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@esk8victoria on insta but your name on here doesn’t match. You joined 3 hours ago home dog and you already trying to do a group buy?

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Get him Bill


Hey bro-

Good to see you and welcome to the forum, but you can’t run a group buy here. Our rules:

If you can get a qualified regular to join you on this or take it over, that’s fine.

Appreciate your understanding.


As I’ve mentioned, I came across an opportunity for cheap cells, but needed more people with me. I never bothered to hang out on the forums cuz I always figured stuff out on my own, I didn’t even realize that the forum changed to this one. Also, like mentioned above, I *know I have 0 credibility. That’s why I offer only the transaction methods where you can call-back the money.


As mentioned, if you can find someone qualified to join you/take over responsibility, PM me and I will re-open. You can also ask me any questions you’d like in a PM as well.