Build upgrades + Motor clicking sound (TB 6380)

Hey guys,

I finally made the upgrade from 85mm Caguamas + dual Mboards 6355s (Never buying from them again lol) to Six Shooters + dual TB 6380s.

As I was pushing off from my driveway, I noticed a loud clicking sound coming from the left motor, followed by a faint grinding sound. I stopped immediately, as I didn’t want a magnet or something floating around inside messing things up. Any idea what could be going on?

Thanks so much!

Obligatory build pics:



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Can you confirm that the clicking is coming from the motor and not the pulley on the six shooters? The reason I ask is when I put my six shooters on the first time my belt was a bit tight and it caused a clicking sound to come from the wheel pulley itself? Once I loosened the belt a bit it has mostly gone away now.


Just checked the pulleys and the sound is still there. There’s a little bit of looseness in the motor can, will try tightening that and report back.

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You could also try running the motor without the pulley as a troubleshooting step


Just tried running the motor alone, the clicking got louder. Almost certain it’s one of the magnets as it sounds like sticking two together and letting them click. I’m not sure what to look for if I open it up, so just gonna open a ticket with @torqueboards.

Was planning on a test ride tomorrow, but better safe than Superman haha


This happened on a buddies. We battle hardened the motor and that fixed it right up.

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Yeah sounds like it could be a broken magnet or something, TB will take care of that for you. Battle hardening is a good option too

What was the outcome of this?

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After sending TB a video of the issue, just had to ship it back and had a new motor within the week.

Everything’s running perfectly now!


Really glad to hear that! I just put 2 6380s on my board

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Hello again folks,

For the past week, the clicking sound has returned on one of the motors. Earlier today, it became more of a grinding with the motor seizing occasionally. I took it apart with @anorak234 and found a big chunk out of the rim of one of the cans. Everything else looks relatively OK.

Any suggestions on where to go from here?

Tagging @torqueboards for his opinion as well.

You could try putting the can back on and checking if the small gap between the can and the stator’s mounting plate is even everywhere as you rotate it. The rim missing a piece makes me think that the can might be skewed, and that part was getting banged as it rotated and came off.

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Battle Harden them…just that…use epoxy to seal the gaps where the retaining ring and the magnets where they are resting. Also epoxy all the retaining ring…Before you do that, clean very well the area…Let it cure for 3 days (thats means let them rest, do not try putting the can back until everything it is cured…If there it is any excess of epoxy, you can Dremel it… If you hear a pitching sound from the motors, I suggest you to stop using them, do not wait for a week, catastrophic failure may occur)

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I thought TB motors came already battle hardened? By what I can tell from the pictures the stator seems to be somewhat covered in epoxy but nothing on magnets in the can? That’s the important part to harden by what I’ve understood. Please correct me if I’m wrong (or blind)


unrelated but what trucks are those @Argent?

They are the Torqueboards 218mm RKPs. I absolutely love them… they fit the 6380s perfectly.

that’s pretty much the same problem i had with my TBDD. except you can’t open them or at last not easily. Wonder if this is common as I plan to buy an new pair.

@torqueboards, do you have any pictures of the battle hardening on your motors?

@Soflo There are some photos around. I don’t think I have any accessible atm. But they aren’t fully battle hardened like you typically see.

But more than enough to keep the magnets in place since implementing the change. We’ve yet to hear any issues regarding magnets shifting.