Budget mini beach/campus crusier

Hello, I hope I am in the right place. I just thought that I would log my first diy electric skateboard. Most of the parts were ordered from Amazon and other online retailers. This is a budget board, put together for cruising around campus and parks. This is my first attempt at this kind of project and wanted to share.

The deck is a 30" Surfskate inspired mini deck with a nice kick-tail. I am running 83mm- 485 watt hub motors. I took apart the hubs and replaced the cheap bearings with higher quality. The Esc is a 36 V dual motor with a Universal thumb-wheel remote. The battery is a Meepo V4/ V4s shuffle at 36v 10s2p. The trucks are dual kingpin with medium-soft bushings. The hubs are 83 mm with half inch riser pads to stabilize the 96mm front wheels from Maxfind.

I cut an plastic battery enclosure in half to mount the esc and figure out an enclosure for the Meepo battery. I decided to use foam, double sided tape and eye hooks for the enclosure. I fastened the eye hooks in the case and on the board with zip ties. Its not a permanent solution but it works for now.

Overall it was pretty straight forward build and I really like the Mini fish board design.

Future plans are to build a more enclosed enclosure but build it to include this 10s1p battery with a xt60 splitter. For now, I will be sticking with just the Meepo battery for testing.

Estimated 16-18 mph and a range on the single 10s2p of 11 miles. Thanks for checking it out!


Thats a cute lil campus cruiser. Sinple and clean, i like it!


A cheap but more secure way to attach the enclosure to the board would be to use some small angle brackets. I’d add three to each side on the battery cover in about the same spots you added the eye hooks. That way if the adhesive fails on the battery you can trust the enclosure to hold up the weight of the battery

For future reference, you have a ling-yi ESC. I’ve got one running currently and have the same exact remote as the meepo remote my ESC came with finally died on me. If you didn’t already know you can press the power button twice to switch to reverse and then the reverse button is actually the mode/ speed and brake setting button.

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Very nice and simple little build! My first budget build came out to be 400$ due to not having most of the tools but it runs amazing, it would’ve been more cost effective if I gotten a deck from a shop but make boards for a living so I just customized the length and width to my liking. Love the red and black cruiser wheels

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Hey thanks for the feedback! I was following the “keep it simple stupid” method.

Hey I appreciate the info, I’ve been tinkering with the case to reinforce it but keep it removable if needed. This was just the first thing I came up. The remote did take a minute to figure out because it did not come with instructions. I had to adjust the wheel speed in a menu.

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Hey thank you! My build was similar, I had to buy everything as well. Although, it was pretty easy to assemble. There is nothing wrong with a little customization. I’ve got my eye on a 32" POW Surfskate deck in black.

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Well I revamped this project and changed alot.

33" bamboo kick tail deck and .4 wood insert sanded and re-stained

Radium titanium anti-sink washers instead of actual plate.

Phil Lewis Art “Frequency 2” 3d printed grip tape.

100mm 540w x 2 hubs in the rear and 96mm in the front. Changed to riptide bushings and pivot cups


I updated things with a 12s2p battery, 12s hobbywing esc and Backfire R3 remote, 100mm Boa constrictor front wheels with Onsra ceramic bearings, Newbee v2 kickstop, and 4mm foam grip.

This board carves like a dream and is wicked fast. Thanks for checking it out


I don’t see many DKP front & RKP rear. I personally like the combination.

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Hey thanks for the reply, I see your on both forums as well. I’ve always had one truck style or the other, but man this combo seems to be my sweet spot. Good form carving and stable at high speeds. The footstop is key though, being able to plant my front foot really helps. First time trying one out and I like.

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This thing is sweet and getting better and better. You must be able to get plenty of range out of those hubs and battery combination. Is this your first esk8?

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Hey I appreciate the feedback! Yeah first build but I’m on the 3rd or 4th iteration.

There aren’t any hills where I live, so this new 12s battery is more than enough for my needs. I will try and do an update with a range test soon. I’ve just got to figure out which tracking application I like best. Thanks


BIG UPDATE! Black friday was kind to me, I revamped this project entirely!

The biggest change I switched out the dual hub motors and installed a zealot s dual 875w belt drivetrain kit. I also had to swap out the esc but still able to use the same R3 remote. I got some 37t kegel style pulleys allowing me to use my 100mm 83a boa constrictor wheels. I also shortened the wheelbase by 1" due to torquing wheelies.

Next I switched out my dkp front trucks for new Caliber 3 184mm 50° raked trucks with Boa wheels and Onsra ceramic bearings.

This board is a little beast. The stability with the rkp Caliber trucks vs the dkp has improved vastly. Having all 4 Boa wheels compared to the Hub motors is night and day. The acceleration is butter smooth and the braking is almost extreme. The torque is insane at higher speeds but this is for cruising, not high speeds. The ride comfort/ board feel with the belt drive is so smooth compared to hub motors.

Looking at possibly getting larger front trucks but I will be be back if/when I update more.

Thanks for checking it out


This is really sweet dude. Really neat to see the evolution.

Do you ever feel tempted to slap the DKp truck back in the front?

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Hey much appreciated my man. I just put these Calibers on, so I will be leaving them on to test. I bought the Calibers but I have been really searching for some 8 to 10" forged or cnc trucks. It seems like the higher end trucks are either really small for downhill or 15"+ for mountain boarding. I’ve found some companies that have produced small batches over the years but are long gone now.


Have you seen the Boardnamics hangers?

But to be honest nothing wrong with caliber II.

I have them on the front of my short boards too.




My Momentum Hollow Wheel Comforts V2 just arrived and I am super stoked to test them out. These are the updated version with better grip and less wear, so we will see how they perform. To go with them, I purchased Evolve ceramic bearings in the oil slick. I also changed out the stock pulley bearings with high quality ceramics from Acer Racing. The ceramics might be over kill, I am just having fun with it.

I also added the Zealot S upgrade kit. Swapping out the stock esc, allows me to use the new Halo remote with fingerprint scan. The build quality is insane and feels much nicer with its metal housing and thumb wheel.

I’m overall very pleased with how this board is evolving. It’s way too fast and powerful but is perfect for me cruising the streets.

Thanks for checking it out!