Broken TRAMPA VESC6 [Over voltage?]

Yowdi guys

Normally I don’t ask many things here. But today I don’t know what to do.

I was riding today on a kart track. I had some remote disconnections with the flipsky vx1 but ok… while doing the competitie I turned the second corner in and my left motor stopped turing. I putted my board out and on back again and from that moment I don’t had any power anymore.

So now I am home but don’t know what to do…
Is it a broken drv or something else.

Trampa vesc were connected with can and turn always at the same time on.

I did motor detection again and read very big numbers and no motor is spinning.


sounds like a motor issue, that ohm reading sudgest you have a bad connection to your motor. Have you check phases? meassured with DMM between leads to verify the value you get in vesctool? Is it correct or far off?

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Fault numero uno found on one vesc:

Time to open te second one


that drv is definatly blown. I’d still check your motors if you decided to swap the DRV so you dont burn another one.


Jup. DRV is down, your faultcode of the 29th already confirmed that.

I bought a vesc 6 + but wanted to use the mkIII function of soft switch off. It’s urs for a good price, so I can go for dual MK III 's


Vesc number 2 is also not working… if I look very good I think that drv is also blown. I can see (I think) some small blow traces in the chip under number 8-3

@seaborder I hope you can help me out :slight_smile:

Thanks @skitzor let discuss in private.

@linsus I am going to do that. I just checked the resistance due putting each motor wire to each other and check if they “brake”. (Without esc connected :wink: ) )


The chance of both vescs blowing, at the same time. They’re so astronmical, there has got to be something fundamentally wrong with something in your setup. Please check everything thuroughly as I doubt it was the VESC itself giving up


Can bus maybe? Everything else is working normally.

But I am going to swap my motor to new ones. You never know…


its not just drv everytime only because this one is the visable damage, the blow may affected some other parts :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes: @pjotr47 send me pm if you need a fix


You should contact Trampa via email, they will take care of you. Or send a Pm fo frank @Trampa


I would assume. that one DRV blew. (in my vesc 4 time a motor short was usually the culprit). I would’ve thought V6 would be foolproofed, just like they did on the unity. It appeared that enamel at the motor exit wires, when under vibration, shorted and blew the vesc. And usually as you mention yourself, the canbus would go down with it.

Do you get any faults on vesc nr 2 ? configure the PPM signal on that one like the master and see where you get.

Both can’t do motor detection correct. It is + 8000mohm

@Mr.Electronicist trampa already contacted. Waiting on a reply.

Do you have any other hardware to debug ? extra motors, old vescs…

I have everything. But don’t want to kill a extra vesc :stuck_out_tongue:

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Have you managed to brake? That’s the scary parts of a karting track, where brakes don’t work anymore…


The board just shut off

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Check your motor mount bolts.
I had that once that they have been a bit too long and damaged the phase wires over time.
From one moment to the other they caused a short and took my esc with it.
Check your motors not only with hands.
Would as min take a multimeter and check the resistance between all phases (should be close to zero, but always the same value) after that check all phase wires to something metal on your motor, like the shaft or the bolts from the motor (should be always open end)


Yeah all good. But it could be much much worse. Brakes are the most important things there.

@Andy87 thanks for the help! Will do. I am for sure going to order new motors (6396 vs 8xxx) But also going to check those motors again.


You’re running 6396’s now? If you’re looking to sell, let me know :eyes:

No now 6880. But thinking of going for 6396 or something in the 8xxx