Broke my truck 😢 any suggestions?

Just installed my angled riser for a dewedge and my riptide 87a canon and magnum bushings and what happens on the 1st ride? I hit a huge crack at big speed and snapped the pivot pin of my dickyho paris trucks.

I reeeeeally dont wanna have to wait for new trucks. China shipping takes forever, any suggestions on a fix? I’m thinking JBweld, but I’m concerned about the strength

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Order a legit Paris truck and move the stuff over. JB weld with this is not safe.


Have you reached out to @dickyho ?

Please take this as a learning opportunity and get better trucks. The china paris clones are NOT safe in our application. I’d only ever run them on a lightweight, low power, low speed build (think china esc, china batteries, hubs, etc), or better yet, the bench.


I’ve prolly got a spare parts 195 I can send you, are yours 195s?

The china paris clones are 205

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Ahh, sorry dude.

@mmaner hey thanks for the offer, but as @RyEnd stated they are 205mm :cry:

Anyone know of any paris style alternatives that are 205mm or longer? Don’t wanna have to buy new mounts too!

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Doesn’t @dickyho sell inserts for different trucks?

He does, but for his caliber style mounts. The paris mounts have a smaller diameter.

I have the model on the top

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Swap front truck to back truck remount mounts for now and order some proper trucks from Boardnamics and some new dickyho mounts or some boardnamics mounts


Glad your ok, exactly why I don’t trust any of that too cheep to be true stuff, all I can suggest is just get a solid name brand next time and don’t try and repair it don’t want u getting hurt

Good idea. Just needs to ride safe then until OP can replace the other truck as well.

I would except that the rear is a 300mm truck and the front is 270mm so my motors wont fit. Maybe I’ll single motor it for a bit.

I’ve got some Paris trucks, I’m in ohio. I don’t need them, if they’re what you need, then they’re yours

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Sounds like his motors are too wide for normal paris trucks.
@Turbo I suggest you bite the bullet and use the front truck and mounts for a test bench and buy some next level hangers and mounts. ~$160 gets you some TB, kahua or boardnamics hangers + mounts. Worlds better.

As much as I condone using JB Weld for just about everything, I would NOT use it for this.


This says a lot lol


Yeah I would use Liquid Nails they use it build houses so it must be strong enough.

I would say these are faulty, like any truck that fails on first ride … contact @dickyho see what he says, I am a tad embarrassed to say I’ve put those Paris extended on my @MarkOneBoards deck and I’ve been messing jumping with them on @rey8801 adj plates so far so good - I was really thinking last night how well they are doing for the abuse I’m giving them (I do a static 180 hops on concrete regularly lol) . They should never break ride one and and if mine did I would chase a refund.