Bricked my Focboxes w/ Unity fw 🤦

Yeah, goddamn it. Through a very unfortunate series of events, I accidentally uploaded Unity fw to my focboxes. Now, when I try to connect on BLDC Tool, I get this:


…and since I can’t connect to it, I can’t replace the fw with the correct version.

Am I officially in ST-LINK territory or is there a more graceful alternative recovery procedure (that works nicely on a mac)?

Load FW via SWD port, but you need to add header to the pcb on the focbox.


That sounds like it might be a “yes, you’re in ST-LINK territory. No there’s no more graceful alternative”, but I’m not sure.

sadly that’s what it is :joy:


:face_with_symbols_over_mouth: !!

Alright, are there any kind folks here who wouldn’t mind helping me with that if I pay for the shipping and their trouble?

I mean if that is too much of a problem for you than yes…
It’s super easy to do and you just need a working vesc based esc for it.
If you don’t have header for the focbox pcb you can solder the wires on temporarily or go with the needle thing (I wouldn’t do that needle thing thou :joy:)


The needle method is asking to brick it :joy:


I’ve got another two focboxes running Ack 3.102, which I notice doesn’t have the SWD Prog feature. I’ve got another one lying around somewhere. I’ll check that.

And whether I use another VESC or the STLink, I need to solder JTAG/JST headers on as you described earlier here?

Fuck me. Such a simple mistake to make. Such a PITA to fix.

You can just plug them in. Just make sure the pins of the jst do have contact. No need to solder.

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Aha! Ok, this is sounding more do-able by the minute.

We’ve got summer weather coming up this week so I want this jazz sorted pronto.

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