Bricked FSESC dual 66 trying to do mobile FW upload

Is there special FW that goes on the FSESC 6.6 dual? Or is the mobile VESC upload feature just complete trash?

Curious if anyone else has gotten it to work. Guess I’ll be doing a few hours of soldering so I can have a functioning board again.

Regarding firmware, mobile upload and TCP upload are features that you’d better avoid if you can use USB.

There’s no special firmware for the FSESC 6.6 DUAL.


OK! its definitely updated properly. It’s calibrated and responds to the throttle and all that, and it runs the motors.

But god dammit it won’t connect to the metr and says it cant read FW version!

New metr firmware. god. dammit. Well glad thats sorted. If youvesc isn’t connecting, follow these troubleshooting steps:

  1. update metr
  2. then maybe take everything apart and solder swd leads onto the vesc

Mobile works flawless on my 6.6 dual. Try reflashing using USB.

Old metr software wont connect to 5.0/5.1. Wish I knew that before I took the board apart and reflashed with the stlinkv2. All I had to to was update :rofl: