Brently’s Simple Paracord Handle

Hey nerds

If you are looking for a simple cheap handle solution and don’t mind the look of paracord, I got something for you. I mainly commute with my boards especially in the winter months, and need a way to carry them through ferry terminals etc with out scuffing up my jacket and other apparel. So for the decks that have full grip on them I’ve found a dangling type handle to be the best way to carry them, so they can be held away from my clothes.

Disclaimer: I am not a knot wizard or what ever someone good at knots is known as, so if you are and there is flaws in my looping technique… too bad it holds. I believe the over under method used in the middle of this is a “zipper” not sure.

Final result:

1.) First start with a bunch of paracord:

2.) Then make a long and short end

3.) Now tie the two loops that will eventually become where it gets mounted to the enclosure (check the bolt spacing of your enclosure to determine optimal length apart)

4.) This will give you an open and closed loop end. To form the closed loop on the open side, push the long piece through the middle of the knot and pull down to tighten it in place.

5.) After that it’s the zipper over under, side to side, till you fill out the gap between the two loop knots. You should pull these so tight your fingers hurt a little. Makes for a more solid handle when complete. Think katana hilt.

6.)When you get to the other end loosen the looped knot and push the end of the paracord through and retighten

7.) Then finish by cutting and melting the loose ends like so


8.) Instal by placing enclosure screws through loops at the end and tightening down.

I hope this helps someone. I needed to make a new one and I was bored on a Monday night.

edits - a little grammar and numbering


That’s cool. I like how you can choose a paracord color/style to fit your build. Nice share!


Thanks! That’s a good point, I bought a bunch of this color because I thought it fits in with most of my builds, but after making a second one I wish I had color options. Shoulda bought a little of this and that.


Well done. If you need other options, check


I can see that you are a man of fine taste and distinction Brent.


Hey man I put my pants on one leg at a time like everyone else

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Well damn, that’s a neat idea, thanks for sharing. I went for a stealthy black handle :wink:


Looks great!! Nice man

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Very simple and practical. :metal:

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Fantastic. Just what I have been looking for! Thanks a lot for sharing.

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I’m saving this post :fire:

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Gr8 handle, made a quick one for a friend. Thanks for the tutorial!

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wow you’re like some kinda knot wizard.

seriously, nice job.

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1st and 2nd attempt while bored at work.

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thats about a 95% improvement v1 to v2

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I need a V3. I keep underestimating the length I need.

Edit: I tightened it


thats the hardest part for sure

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