Bootloader for Unity

Hi guys,

Unfortunately I broke my focbox Unity. I brick a soft on processor while I used VESC Tool app. Now I need a boot loader for Unity. Maybe someone can help me and has what I need ?







Thanks Blasto!!!
Could you please send a link on how to unbrick using the bootloader?
Is it possible to do it even when the USB seems silent?
Is there a way to hard reset the unity?

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Shameless self promoting: How to fix a broken Unity bootloader


nice to know…thx

Frank (trampa) put up instructions on builders forums that instruct how to load using vesctool and a working vesc.

I could never get my damn sti links to work. I should post on this soon, worked for me fixing a FESC with another working FESC.

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Mikey can you help me out with this? got a couple units sitting here waiting to have their bootloaders fixed… I am on Mac and I have hit a dead end going the the st link route… will continue to try though… if you have any insight it would be much appreciated

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@TheRef Super bummer man, I have a MS surface mini I use solely for vesc stuff. My macs don’t talk to Esk8 well.

Have you tried the ‘black magic’ SWD functionality a 6.0 vesc can manage?

If you have a trampa vesc, a flipsky 6.6 or any other 6+ hardware, this has saved me in a pinch.

St links have always been a black hole of wasted time for me, regardless of platform and drivers.

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ill give this a try thanks man

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how do you connect to the fsesc swd? haha hold the pins very carefully?

Sacrifice an old jst connector

and solder them to the pcb? There are no pins for the swd on my fsesc ha

Well, my bento box ‘o testing has it ( it even passed ‘QC’ :unamused:)

Take care in firmware flashing hell.

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yeah mine are just contact points… what kind of stupid shit is that?

Call the coroner… this one is DOA.