Boosted + Exway?

Hey so the Exway USA Instagram just renamed themselves Boosted USA

Not sure what’s happening exactly but just wanted to drop this here to let y’all know. Also not sure if this is a valid post or if it should be in another thread but here ya go.

Check the shop to see Exway products, even though there’s boosted everywhere now. They deleted all their old posts and replaced it with a big boosted logo. Also the official boosted Instagram commented on the last post, even though that account had been dead for awhile.

Also I’m busy so I can’t really come back to this post tonight but go wild y’all I’m curious to see the theories.

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So the rundown is- the former owner of Exway USA now owns or is affiliated with a personal mobility store in SF called last mile. Based on what I know, they have acquired the remaining stock that boosted failed to sell before they went under. So, basically, they will just sell the remaining stock. I think.


Yes this is what happen. Last Mile SF buy all remaining stock and is going to be selling.


Does that mean boosted boards at a discount? I might check out the last mile. Its close to where I work.


Good stuff! I bought my Evolve at Last Mile. They are AOK peeps in my book. They made it a great experience. Perfect customer service before and after the purchase. Everyone in that shop is stoked about riding boards of every variety.


Has this been publicly confirmed?