Boardnamics strait cut gears overheating

This one has really been fun!

Basically I rebuild it with more backlash every two days and I get 10-20 miles before it starts heating up like crazy and more importantly it does not free spin nearly as long as the other one. The bearing(which you can see damage on) is making scratchy noises from time to time so I’m wondering if the bearing is blown and that’s what’s causing the heat?

The odd thing is that I can rebuild it and get it to spin with the same efficiency as the other gear drive, but after 10-20 miles it will start dragging on something, I’m not sure what, and the only solution I’ve found so far is to loosen the backlash(to the point of the photo seen which seems like way too much) but even running it like it shows in the photo, it had much MUCH more drag than the other wheel when both were free spinning, even after letting the drive cool down to room temp again.

Once the problem starts, it requires a rebuild. I JUST DONT KNOW!

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What about this motion? Seems like that could be an issue but how would I fix it?

I’m doing my best getting photos and videos but I don’t know what I’m looking for, this doesn’t sound too good tho

Are you sure it’s the gear drive and not the motor? If you have a ride log of a ride where the issue happened that would be useful to see.


How do you know it’s overheating?


This is not valid because the outer case provides the support it needs


Sounds like an unsupported straight cut gear idk what the issue is

super weird issue… do detection values for both motors seem normal? im with @Shadowfax seems more like a motor issue

what do you mean by overheating? what are your motor temps? is the drive housing heating up independently from the motor? not enough info provided

"This is overheating "

Bad, includes no symptoms, goes straight to a diagnosis

"This is doing insert thing it’s literally doing "

Good. Gives a description of reality, not just your idea of what may be wrong.


" I think something might be wrong based on these sounds and these wear marks"

Good communication is key


same here dude, it’s just how she rolls.

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with too much backlash

everything in the videos you posted seem normal op. what exactly do you think is overheating?

does it spin freely and smoothly? no? you’ve probably found the issue

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I get that more information would help but I would give it if I had it.

I could probably start by learning how to check motor and VESC temps on the VESC app because I used to run METR but Im not sure my newest VESCs have METR because it won’t find a Bluetooth signal.

Anyway I know it’s overheating by feel. Every few miles I’ll check by touching both gear drive casings. Additionally, there is extra friction in the system causing one wheel to slow to a stop much faster than the other(while free spinning). So I figured it out by picking up my board and giving enough throttle to get the wheels spinning then watching one stop 1-2 seconds before the other.

I know it’s not the motors because when I take the casing off, the gear drive will run smoothly again.

Lastly I don’t really have symptoms to tell, I’m not sure what it’s supposed to sound like so I don’t know what noises are odd, I haven’t run the setup long enough to have any knowledge of when(specifically) on my ride the gear starts heating up excessively. And reality is that 10-20 miles after rebuilding my gear drive, it starts to build excessive friction in the drive.

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The bearing runs freely, seems ok. BUT, it’s brand freaking new and is already making scratchy noises like it’s dried out. Best I can explain it, think about a regular skateboard bearing after 500 miles

The motor is heating up a little bit but not a noticeable problem, to me, it seems to clearly just be working harder to overcome the geardrive. Detection went fine.

The geardrive housing is heating up a LOT, whenever the issue returns, I keep speed slow, but the first time I discovered it, the drive was easily over 120F.

100% sure. Unfortunately I don’t have any ride data because my METR doesn’t connect anymore and I’m not savvy with VESC yet.

But also I only use it for commuting right now because I don’t want to break anything worse than it already is.

Did find out the issue tho!

Definitely pretty close to the answer, I think.

Kevin got back to me super quickly and we figured out that the O-rings are designed for the helical gears(I assume) when I have the strait cuts.

The O-ring I need has a circular cross section and I was sent square cross section rings. Surprisingly, one drive hasn’t had major issues(like the one in question), but Kevin said the square O-rings cause axial loading on the system and boom, that’s the issue!

Hopefully when those O rings arrive, I can report no more issues!!

Huh that’s an interesting problem to have. Packing error again, as we’ve seen in a couple people’s orders

Sounds like the pinion is rubbing against the case


Yup, just hope it didn’t break anything else with the excess heat.

I don’t want to be a giant hater but at the same time Im pretty sure I know who packed my order the first go around -_-