Boardnamics M1 kegel drive pneumatic options.

Hey all,

I finally got to ride my buddies Lacroix Lonestar yesterday and I’ve pretty much decided I want pneumatics instead of my 110mm torqueboard wheels. I have a Boardnamics M1 gear drive with kegel wheel adapters and 190kv motors. What options do I have for pneumatic tires? I have the 220mm hangers with 8mm axles. Battery capacity is 745wh, so I should be fine with battery capacity.

Any recommendations? I’m not sure what hubs are compatible with the kegel drive and what tires are compatible with said hubs.


Wait for the new kegel hub from hoyt for those sweet 5inch tire, which also fit 8mm axle iirc


It’s gonna be rough, but the nylon hoyt 5" will be coming out towards the summer hopefully and will suit you well. Super efficient and nice to ride. Should hit the roughly $250 price range. It’s a bit expensive for pneumatics but the quality is phenomenal


Rough how, just the wait? Or the price? Is the $250 for a single hub or for a complete hub/tire, or a 4 wheel kit?


Hell no, full set of tires, tubes and hubs should land at roughly 250.


Sweet. Can’t wait. I was checking those out but didn’t see anything for the kegels. Hopefully the plastic hubs hold up.

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They are nylon, probably also glass filled given how hoyt do things. I have full confident on its strength