Boardnamics GT3 Wheels

the wheels have bends in them but work fine in my riding, no problems cornering hard or riding fast.
$45 plus shipping OBO


Can you take some close up pictures of the wheels, I might be interested. Might be able to bend them back

Here’s one wheel, ill get pics of the other when I get home but this one’s the worst.

Oof haha that is pretty bad lol

Might be hard to bend back @Boardnamics what do you think

Yep, I tried to price them accordingly, those tires are a lot of the cost.

I know other people have purchased individual wheels from boardnamics so if you want you can get replacements I think.


Here is the other bent wheel, it’s not quite as much damage. Price is lowered to 150

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Bump, lowered the price and now its just wheels.

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looks like only 2 of them have significant bends? this is a great deal if so… kinda wish I hadn’t already replaced my bent ones :joy:

also, I can confirm even with the bends they rotate just fine. had a similar situation with mine and ended up keeping one of the bent ones, gonna carry it around as a complete spare


Still available

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Sold, please close