*Board for sale*

[WTS] [USA] Custom verreal RS, 1 year old with 600 miles on odometer.

[Price] $790 shipped to lower 48
15AH battery that gets 30 miles range with real riding (mode 3, 195lb rider)
25Mph Top Speed
Comes with board, charger, remote.
TB 40in Fiberglass deck
TB 110 mm wheels
TB slim enclosure


what battery is that ? esc/remote ?

Its a 10s4P
Hobbywing remote

Aint no way you getting 30 miles on a 10s 4p

Well it might be a 20ah battery, im not sure, i bought it from someone who barely used it. Keep in mind this is on street wheels

If it was 21700 and on 'thane, you probably could if you tried, were lightweight, and rode really conservatively on flat ground with few starts and stops. But just barely, and only under ideal conditions. It’s probably 18650 though.

Not sure, but to my knowledge its 10s4p and might be the 20ah battery, but i did this range test and got right to 30 miles. I couldn’t believe it either, but mostly flat rounds and little stops.