Board for sale with Paris V3 trucks

Mark One B-stock deck
Paris V3 trucks 180MM 50° Matte Black
Flywheel style 90MM wheels

Maybe good for a DIY project for someone, its taking up space and gathering dust so it can go.
Never used, trucks are brand spanking new aswell as the wheels.

Can go for €110 without shipping
(Paypal is prefered for buyer protection)
(shipping get calculated upon buyers location)

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Offers are also welcome btw

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Price drop: € 90

Just wondering, but do those trucks even work at that angle?


No, they essentially don’t. Because this isn’t a longboard.

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My thoughts exactly

Thats why it might be interesting for people who need the parts for some project.

you know what, since its standing in my way it can go for €70 (without shipping)

I feel this is an honest price since all these parts are brand new.

I’m also looking at the angle on those trucks. This board would be unrideable like it is… The truck angle has got to be like 85*, 90* with flex or more meaning they might actually turn opposite they way they should lol. might as well take the trucks off that deck and sell separately or as a package deal of separate parts not meant to go together. If you have to sell it as a complete, pop some super duper steep angled risers on there, but that’s not good for the hardware, baseplates or deck.

Back in the day I tried Randal-II 50* on the ends of a shortboard, no lean or leverage over the trucks, need super soft bushings to get the trucks to turn at all and absurdly twitchy.

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Sold, can be closed @BillGordon