Board conductivity when wet

I’ve just fitted copper braid under the grip tape between the battery and vesc.

I was just wondering what people’s though on any risk of some shorting between the wires when riding in the wet.

I assume there will be a little conductivity, could it be a problem?

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Did you insulate the braid?

You might end up with some nice lichtenberg figures :rofl:


Yes, it could be a problem. But that’s the nature of DIY stuff like this. How well is it enclosed? If it is literally just right under the griptape and nothing else is acting as a seal then potentially there could be a problem if water were to ever sneak in there, but at the same time I don’t think any people on here have ever used griptape to seal anything off and much less have had any issues with water getting under it. The Evolve boards might be the closest thing to using griptape as a way to enclose the deck.

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It’s just between kapton tape and fish paper right now. I haven’t put the grip tape on yet what would be best to inslated with?

I’m now wondering whether it would be better to run sone silicon wire on the underside of the deck instead. It’s a mtb so I need to be able to use in wet conditions.

Use long lengths of heatshrink :man_shrugging:

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Lol no

You could do what Al said with the heatshrink, but if you seal it in well it will probably be fine. Are you running positive and negative together in a way that they could actually short out?

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maybe a little epoxy or silicone


Yes yes silicone ftw.
Or some line-x truck bed liner type stuff.

Will be a bitch to remove though, but if u don’t care about that, Epoxy . Or use hell water, aka tek7


just conformal coat the braid with MG chemicals 419D… or nail polish, it’s the same thing


Griptape won’t stick to silicone, that would be crap. Polyurethane sealer like sikaflex f11c would be better


Thanks for all the advice everyone, I will give it some thought and report back.

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Sikaflex does sound very legit.
I shall get some.

But the board has no trenches milled?

Plz post pics