BMS selection. Charge protection only.

Hi all,

I’m just getting into DIY esk8, but have years of experience with rc/electronics. I’m looking for a 12s bms with charge protection. I’m not that concerned with discharge protection. For my power pack I will be using 2x6s tattu 16Ah lipo batteries. I have RC chargers that can handle 6s no problem, but I would rather just be able to plug my board in with a regular power adapter.

I have seen the DieBieBMS, LLT BMS, and the Daly BMS. I like the idea of having bluetooth cell monitoring. I would also like to be able to set a cutoff voltage for my packs (I only want to charge them to about 90% or so).

I have tried to find a place where I can purchase these items, but I can’t seem to find anything that is in the US. Any recommendations? Should I be looking at a different BMS?

I’m also conflicted about the discharge protection. I have read that it’s good to have it, and that it’s bad to have it because if it pops, you can go flying off your board. Thoughts?

Thank you

if u over discharge or u hit the bms thermal limit, then it will cut power to ur esc, which leaves u with no brakes, and with the sudden lost of power, u could get unbalance and go superman, which isn’t ideal in esk8 usecase.