Hi guys it’s been a while since I’ve posted but I need your help.
My old Haya deck died so I’m in the process of transplanting my build to an old evolve carbon deck.
I just finished wiring it up, plugged it into my power brick and it was charging fine. I’ve come back to it this morning to continue charging and nada nothing zip.
Things to know
The BMS is charge only
The voltage at the battery is 53v
The voltage at the charge port is 49.98v???
I’ve checked all the balance wires and they are showing correct voltage.
The negative wire going to the bms is connected where it should be.
I’m completely clueless :man_shrugging:t2:

Any help very much appreciated . Thanks

Couple questions. What is the size if the battery? When you say voltage at the charge port, I’m assuming you mean with charger plugged in and turned on? What is the voltage just the charger? What should it be (rating)?

Hi, it’s a 13s so 54.6v when fully charged.
No that is the voltage at the charge port with nothing plugged in. Ie black wire to bms C- red wire to battery

What problem are you referring to with the BMS? Looking for a new BMS based on your battery? Or is there a problem with the BMS?

Did u read the above ? The board is not charging and the input voltage at the charge port is less than the battery voltage.

If you’ve checked everything then it’s probably just a bad BMS

It means that the 53V battery can’t be charged only when it is only charged to 49.98V?