BMS for 10s2p battery pack

So I was planning to buy the Vruzend kit and make a 10s2p battery pack and was looking for a good bms and saw that vruzend has one on their website I’m not sure whether to buy it or get another one, any ideas?

vruzend is shit, use nese

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is there any reason why you say that? just curious

Doesn’t really hold up to vibration, can potentially uncap itself, and too much wasted space. Go with NESE.

So if i buy N.E.S.E should i get 5 of the 2s2p modules or 4 of the 5p modules and make them into to 10p modules if that makes any sense

What’s the final configuration you’re aiming for? The guy who sells them will also help with buying what you need. Just drop him a note during the purchase.

well the final battery pack is supposed to be 10s2p so I would have to buy 5 2s2p modules if im figuring this our right

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Curious to know what your plan is for the 10s2p, such a small pack, you can probably buy a battery for a d it will be less then buying cells and nese

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If ya need a charge only BMS, I have a couple D140 10s left in US… Rest of em are stuck in hong kong god knows when they’ll get here.


well i built a board when i was in eighth grade which was about 4 years ago and used 3 3s lipo batteries, the build was not my best work but it got the job done and now because of corona i figured i would come back and do a better job of it so i dont need anything overkill and i enjoy doing things on my own so i figured why not

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I used nese for a while, great stuff!

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