BMS Compatibility 12s/13s

One of the wires on the BMS in my board wore down and snapped. Unfortunately, this means I can’t charge my board right now. I’m looking to get a replacement BMS and I’m not sure on compatibility. My current (broken) BMS is a Daly LI-ion 12s 48V BMS with 15A of discharge current and 8A of charge current. I found one that seems to be the same via Daly on Amazon with the only nominal difference being that it is 13s instead of 12s. Is it okay to use this one instead? Will there be any problems if I plug it in to replace my current one?

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Why can’t you just fix the harness?


The wire between the BMS and the charge port conveniently snapped off just inside the BMS port

i tried and my bms ggot stupid hot. buy a duckbatterysystems 12s daly

dang. that’s so sad. unfortunately, duck is out of 12s ones right now but I’ll look around. Thanks!


Ah bummer.

no, Daly doesn’t do auto detect on lower series count, if u have a 12s pack, u will need a 12s version