BMS 12S Recommendations for 2022

Hi Everyone;

Working on a build, and trying to select a BMS for 12S, 70A or so. Want charge and discharge protection.

What I see now are:


Flipsky (looks the same as MAXKGO, but which is first??)

Various Ennoid solutions, with multiple PCBs

Much info, but where to buy???

Chinese Ebay Smart BMS
Large devices, but seem somewhat popular.

Is there something I have missed?

What are your thoughts?

The Speaker Guy

Howdy, many of us swear by Daly and LTT bms.

The Daly devices looks good, but I don’t seem to find much information. What are the connector pinouts? How do I connect 12S to a 13S controller? What is the specific model # of the unit I see on a web page? But the specs and pricing look awesome!

Many of the same questions with LLT. Many of the pictures do not match product description (i.e. 14S or 12S, or a 16S 48V Li-Ion BMS sounds sketchy to me, sounds more like LiFePO4)

Are there particular links and sources that are tried and true?