Blue Koi - Short board - last mile commuter- loaded unlimited hubs - completed

So i saw the deal since unlimited went under on the hubs and snagged a pair and some extra sleeves, lets see what i can do with em.

Loaded ballona moby deck
Loaded unlimited hubs on rkp Paris trucks
77a sleeves and orangatang 85mm to match
Some sparkle grip tape to keep it in the nautical theme cut into scales
Gonna try and make a vesc work on shfi tbd -DV6s on vss
Labor trade for a double stack tomiboi enclosure (thanks @haven!)
Vx4 remote with 3ds mod

To do:
finish the grip cutting
Enclosure buck and incerts
Build a 12s3p p42a. Maybe an llt if i can fit it
Ride that mess and figure out if hfi or shfi will work


What esc¿?

Also, just FYI

Al will have no nautical nonsense.



But what if nautical nonsense be something ye wish?


I have some 4.2s in a pile in the corner but i think my only goodish option is a Dv6 or a ubox for phase filtering but I don’t know. Probably will just pull the trigger late one night and make it work.

And whales are nautical. Definitely not putting flukes or a blow hole on it… yet

Bill has entered the chat

@Pecos you wanna get nuts?

I just opened up a pretty clean looking, but dead ride unlimited battery.

I saw the post before with guts.

That would not be the worst pack to put new cells in….

I’m going to “recell” it myself and see if still works with an unrelated completely unmolested dual ride unlimited kit. (Might sell, I hate the remote)

If it’s a fail, take the shell. If it works, go figure out how to use the canbus connection to power output and use it.

If not, this will a very fancy usb c power back for my phone.

Picture of the other two packs.


Interesting, I hadn’t put any thought into trying to source one of the unlimited kits. I kinda like the idea of the unlimited mode as a push assist but id probably just try it for the novelty and not use it after that. Got a pic of the remote? Im getting converted to trigger type remotes now that i have the kinks out of my other board but i wanted telemetry.

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Killed a my oldest drill battery and printed room for taller, re-celled to 9ah. Guess you need wider.

Hmmm, :thinking:

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I’ll send pics, but I’m not here to try to sell, I don’t think it’s worth the prices I’ve seen a few on eBay go for.

I really , really do not like the remote and throttle and break curves even with tunning.

Bms pics just to show blue tooth smart capability.

Still, I’ll send what I think I might sell for on eBay for via dm.

Cool, im curious but not a diehard purist for unlimited or anything. Just something to mess with and maybe find a new glitch to troubleshoot. I think im addicted to the feeling of satori or at least that finally sorting out a cryptic problem… and somehow i attract them so no shortage :sweat_smile:. You know how if someone says all their exes are crazy… they are probably the crazy variable in the equation… not gonna think on that too much here

The unlimited mode is really fun for pushing but the decay is too stair stepped of a ramp down for me to LOOOOOVE it. Handles hills well too which was my big concern. The remote is neat but not the most ergonomic I’ve tried. Has a cruise button so I can just push up to a speed I like and hold that button for a few seconds before I let off and let it slow it’s roll. Really punchy little motors. The brakes and accel are really abrupt on the unlocked higher modes so I actually turned it down a bit in the custom settings.

So shiny



how are you cutting this? looks great dude

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Scissors and razors, I ruined two pair of cheap scissors getting all the tiles cut out and rough cut the edge, then using a long new razer trim the edges rough and trim the sharp corners. Then final pass with the razer taking off millimeters. Then finish with a fine file to taper the edge down smooth. Little bits of super glue at the small weak spots (small pieces and corners) and grip cleaner to take the adhesive off the edges


wow, you’re a more patient man than I am

by a LOT :sweat_smile::heart_hands:


Dude, this is so good, didn’t realize u had hubs on hand.

Ignore my message, and don’t let that damn mt60 phase connector wobble loose and spark.