Blue Jay | 10S5P | airless tires | drophammer | diyeboard kit | girlfriend build

Here’s my 1st documented build so be nice guys. :confounded:

Finished this build around 1.5 months ago and just had time to make a build post. I wanted to make an AT board for my girlfriend so she can go on rides with me. She’s longboarded (analog) for a few months and caught on quick

Deck: Landyachtz Drop Hammer Blue Jay 38”

  • I had this on my wall (as art), and it seemed to fit her size and it looked really nice.
    Everything else:
    I got a diyeboard Airless kit from @pxnda over at the other forums for a good price. I know about the tires expanding issue, but this is a chill build for my gf who won’t go past 20km/h.
    Here are the pics. enjoy :slight_smile:

Package arrived!

My first time holding a 6” wheel in person. Seems smaller than I expected. Fairly cute airless wheel :slight_smile:

Assembling the drive. The kit also comes with street wheels! But I wanted to build an AT kit because I don’t have an AT board, and it’ll be a lot more comfortable for my gf to ride.

Hooking everything up and testing that it turns on and works

The beautiful deck!

Drilling holes in the deck

Adding the foam. I ended up going to the dollar store to buy some 1/4” foam for additional padding.

Here is my makeshift “workshop” in my balcony

Got everything shoved in the enclosure. Tight fit

Tadaa! =D

Test rode it for a few days to make sure it was alright. First time on AT tires. Definitely feels different compared to street wheels. Tried on grass and gravel and it works great! First time riding a belt setup too. This thing is loud! The deck was slightly too short for me, but it was more than enough for the gf. The max speed I got was ~43km/h which is pretty impressive. I didn’t do a max range test, but 10ah battery should give me around 20km range. And probably 25-30km for my gf going at her speeds. Weird thing that “mode 1” is ~18km/h top speed. And “mode 2-4” is all 43kmh top speed with different acceleration curves.

My gf enjoyed it a lot!

My cousin did too! (Too scared to stand up :stuck_out_tongue: )

Overall I made a nice chill AT build for ~$425usd. (Even cheaper when I sell the street belt kit to someone local)

Thanks for reading :slight_smile:


Quick warnings you may already know of.

Trucks snap fairly easily and those airless tires will elongate at speed and literally spin themselves off the rim. So ride slow and careful :+1:t3:

Edit: I just read that you know about the wheels. Truck is a huge issue though.


Why didn’t you merry her already?

  • she’s a girl
  • she enjoys longboarding
  • she likes esk8
  • she allowes you to spend money on esk8
  • you can ride together
  • she looks attractive ( no offence bro)

PS: cool build


Can anyone tell Roman is single?

@murdomeek cool build and isn’t it great when the significant others get involved? Just built the wife a ride. Well I actually built it for me but she stole it.


Please change out the Esc in there and you will be amazed. I ran a pair of TB vescs with that battery on dickho pnuematics and it’s a solid setup.


Doesn’t end there though unfortunately. Switch/battery meter new remote etc. I did that very thing to a meepo with focboxes for my youngest.
I then upgraded another hub board with the latest esc and thats the one he prefers to ride because he says its smoother and it actually is. The hobbywing version is a good cheap esc.

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Upgrades I would do is using a @gamer43 Anti Spark and a makerx dual was as it actually fits perfectly into the old esc spot

What wheels are these/ where can I get a pair?

Not recommended for fast setups though because the tires will expand past the wheel rim

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I’ve been using these wheels for 1.5 years on a 35pmh board with no issues at all. does is the issues supposed to happen if you go beyond that?

I’d avoid these period. And that website too.

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