Blue Bird- Hummie Deck | 12s4p 30Q | TB110s | Dual Focbox | TB 6374 190kv | Hoyt Puck

Parts List:

  • Hummie deck
  • Big Ben SS Hummie enclosure
  • Two etherion Focboxes
  • 12s4p 30q made by @
  • BMS
  • Bluetooth module
  • TB 110 arctic blues
  • Boardnamics Trucks
  • TB reverse motor mounts
  • 3D servisas 36t kegel pulleys
  • 340 mm 15m belts
  • TB 6374 190kv motors
  • Custom painted loopkey
  • 5.5x2.5 charging port
  • X things
  • Riptide tunnel risers
  • Black Hoyt Puck Remote
  • Custom grip tape with art I made within photoshop

What a short journey this build has been. For the last 3 months, I have been on this forum watching others build boards and it made me want to build my own. This is the first board I have ever build. I had little knowledge before entering the DIY scene so this was all new to me.

To start out I was going between the Killshot deck and the Hummie deck. After searching around I quickly realized that the Killshot was very hard to come by. From knowing this, I went with the Hummie!

Getting an enclosure was tough but @BigBen was able to send me out an enclose and it finally arrived to me!

I was able to get a battery made by @Scepterr and also bought both Focboxes from him as well. If anyone needs a battery I highly recommend him. He was beyond communicative and sends photos throughout the process.

Boardnamics mounts gave me heaps of issues so I said screw that, and went with TB motor mounts and wrapped them to add my own little flair to the basic black color.

Photos of battery being built @Scepterr :

Other Photos:

Deck sides were painted satin black.

Grip tape will be as shown… hint the word “Bird”

Last things to do is apply grip tape and program the vescs and Hoyt Puck!

One day away will post pics of the finished board after all is complete tomorrow!


Give you threefiddy for it

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Nah. $1.47 Best I can do

Man. She’s a beauty brother. Great job :heart_eyes:


$1.48 and she’s yours as long as I get a high five…

hahha I appreciate it bro! I love my pulleys :wink:


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Og facboxes. Can’t beat that

Ironically. I need some now :rofl:. Givem back

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I gotta keep them since they are too perfect :pleading_face:

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Damn you! Not having my pulleys is what made me buy an expensive kickpusher
It’s all your fault homie

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I apologize for your expensive purchase to kick around. Ill be able to make it to California before you make it around your block on that kick pusher haha

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Hahah. Hater

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only love haha

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Dude, that is throwing it down for a first build. Impressive.


I’m trying brotha!

can’t wait to see you riding it :+1:


Meanwhile, in @Scepterr 's inbox:



Really good selection of parts here. You learned a lot in 3 months.

Now get it running and start racking up the miles!

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You got it! Tomorrow is the day!!


Board is finished.


Not sure how I missed this thread earlier, great build! You’ve got nothing but tried and tested parts, this baby should hold up for years! :smiley:

I guess my only question is why did you need any risers? For motor clearance?

Also with a 36T pulley your top speed is pretty high, hope you have proper safety gear to go along with it :wink:


They are riptide for motor wires but I might take them off because after the first ride I want to be closer to the ground lol!

It is a little too much clearance for my liking

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If you had longer motor mounts you could maybe do drop-through :eyes:

(Planning a extremely similar build for a friend, so I’m interested in knowing what works and what doesn’t)