Blue a mountain board build

Alrighty so iv had parts gathering slowly for this build and the times finally come to put this together :tada:
Iv named it blue as all the accents are blue and it’s a monster sized board so it should chew up most of any terrain you can throw at it when your feeling blue :sweat_smile:

So let’s get to the parts for this guy

Haero bro v1 deck stiff flex
Mbs f5 bindings
Newbee rtkp 340 trucks with a blend of riptide kranks and aps bushings
Newbee 4gs 55/11 ratio gear drive
Newbee pentagram v1 wheels
Mudplugger 9inch treads
Dual trampa vesc mk3
Radium 6485 173 kv motors
Hoyt puck

Newbee trucks and gears arrived, so mounted those up for a test fit and test some bushing setups.

I managed to grab a battery box a while back now from Nomad Designs so will be using that to house the two controllers and the 4 lipo 14ah battery packs.
First up was to cut out some heatsink slots
Then we had to grind down the screw channels on the inside to give a bit more room for the battery packs and padding.
Coat of paint for the heatsinks and I wrapped the enclosure with a carbon wrap for now will see how that lasts and maybe paint later on.

Did a mock up photo then had to mark and drill the mounting points, I did it a similar way to what iv seen in photos here, hopefully it holds up well
3 m5 high tensile bolts across the centre of the box with countersunk washers to help spread the load.
Once done I needed to mount some phase connectors so drilled out those spaces for some mr60s soldered the cables and affixed them in place with resin.
Made the phase connector harness and used a braided heatshrink to keep the wires tidy
Super happy with this stuff, it looks tidy and still flexes quite nicely, will keep using this in future builds i think.

Realized at this point that I’d forgotten to order plugs for my sensor cables
So stuck waiting on those now, still got some wiring to do like the bms l, charger and remote wiring etc organize but the big parts are almost done
Really getting exited now


Just a heads up, you may wanna pick up some rubber sealed 2RS bearings. If you plan on riding this offroad, the metal seal bearings likely arent gonna last nearly as long as RS. My rubber sealed bearings only got me about 1k miles of trail riding before I started to notice they werent spinning perfectly smooth.


Good to know cheers, these were some ntn ones that came with the wheels luckily
but yea waiting for crucial parts to turn up sucks so I’ll get onto that now