Blatant copy 1st ever build

my new build hopeing to get advice and buy parts here hopefully, must say very very helpfull people come here. well here goes, saw this board which got me interested in building a board liked the colour combination.!
please do get in touch if you have any wheels, maby trucks, not sure if these are any good, and maby motors and quality controllers, thanks

I plan to build my own battery, 12s 6 or 7 hopfully, and custom battery box.
Also antispark switch.
Going to build a diy firefly remote here looks pretty good thank you egzplicit for printing off the plastic.
definatly going to need 218mm trucks if anybody has any?
Going to design and build, or build a 1 off an anti spark switch to 200amps with heatsink,

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ebay purchase 41 inch deck 26 pounds.

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stripped and readdy for paint and filling, think i will be needing new trucks if anybody has some have looked at tourquboards and they seem the best so far

torqueBoards 218mm Trucks needed if anybody has any for sale?
or similar maby new or second hand.


I cant really help you out on parts but ill be watching this build. Looks like it will be a good one. What are you trying to achieve. Like how much range would you like to get from your build. How fast are you trying to go. Are you going to be going up hill a lot. There is a lot to think about when building an Eboard. For me im heavy so until i lose wait my set up has to be for more torque than speed.

Looks similar to this build maybe it could be of help.

What deck is it dude?

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well thats hard to say, one moment i want to break the land speed recored, the next i want to have a massive range so resally id like to be fast anf have a good range, im trying for a 12s 6 or 7p battery for a good range.

was hoping for advice on motors and controllers from an expert


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to be honest havnt got a clue what dseck it is was the longest one i could find second hand on ebay here is a pic of it was in pretty good condition when i got it stripped down just as small bit of filling to do.

Freeride 41 by Original longboards. They make a standard concave and a W


really not an expert on motors thought id go with these motors?
if anybody knows of better ones please can you explain it seems a populay choice.
6374 190Kv, think range isnt a problem as im trying to build a large battery.
ive seen using larger motors does cause problems with higher current.
if someone can tell me a perfect setup be greatfull


or these? i know the tourqueboards ar emuch much better quality, but the budget ones seem like they will do the job any opinions?

Don’t bother with the Firefly remote my man, just get something reliable, looks good tho!

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There is no perfect set up. But just use the search bar bro there is lot of information on motors, Vescs, Remotes, bms. Just search around and choose what you like best

those Paris will do the job fine but mounts are more likely to move vs TorqueBoards - 2 different mounting styles Paris vs Caliber, personally I don’t mind Paris trucks and have used @dickyho mounts successfully

I would def. get the cross supports

Thanks sk, they do look pretty good motor mounts,

Let me give personal experience. If you go with the Paris. Set up the board mount and motor get on the board and lean it as far as you can to ensure you don’t have interference from the deck, then mark the position of the grub screws, get a drillbit and sink a few millimeters into the hanger, not all the way through just a few mm for each screw. Then assemble and set the screws.

I tried without drilling the spots for the screws, it turned no matter how tight I made it. Drug my nice mint shiny motors across the street and the look like dog poo after.

Street drag motor on the left obviously lol. Don’t be like me.

Thanks what size motors are those makes the trucks look really small, im going to use 2 motors 63 something
Are those paris mounts?

The keda (orange) is a 190kv 6364, the red is a 190kv maytech 6374. I’m not sure what the trucks measure, they were on the cheapo amazon board already.

Yes paris

been bussy painting, after lots of filler rubbing down and primer, 2 more coats needed.

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