Black Panther, A Normal Longboard | MOV-E Kicktail integrated deck | 10s4p 30Q | Undecided

As the restrictions kick up and public perception of electric vehicles start to get more ugly, I am dedicating my commuters to be either smaller or more sleek, to draw less attention.

@Luke came through and offered me a defected deck, just needs some work. Thanks once again!

Some pics of the deck.

Comparison on the Chonk deck that I was working on last year

From the looks of it, it seems the defects are some misaligned holes drilled, and a couple holes where the cavity of the deck meets the wheel well.

The way its built, seems to be machined from a thick piece of Baltic Birch, and then two layers of Maple veneer on the bottom, and one layer on top.

To work! First I gotta fiberglass the holes and fill them up. More to come soon.

Parts wise I have not decided, but it will definitely be a hub motor build with everything hidden, no wires, no buttons, no nothing. Follow me on this journey.


The black deck, is it something you made yourself or can it be bought somewhere?

It’s made by @Luke, not sure if he still has any more but drop him a PM

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Looks very similar to the neoOne ( if I am not mistaken?

Similar, but one is made with Baltic birch and the other with Bamboo.

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Some work on the deck. I fiberglassed the two holes and filled many other defects. Did some extra sanding on all edges and wheel wells.

Then its primer time. I did think of leaving the wood bare and just hit it with clear coat but, old habits die hard I guess


Truck bedliner goes on, I’ll lightly sand and spray my color tomorrow. Not sure what color to go with yet.


Saw another neochrome wrapped car again today… getting popular these days


My new order of paints did come with one of these… maybe…


Nice :slight_smile: I kept most of the wood look of my MOV-E shortboard but this bedliner stuff looks cool :slight_smile: AFAIR @Luke made the board by using multiple veneer sheets of birch and another tree, pressed them in the basic shape and then CNCd the hell out of it. In the end the final veneers were applied like you said.

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So, I tried the hologram spray and it didnt look too obvious. Almost nothing unless you look at it from an angle.

This was how it was supposed to look like.

So i guess if your surface does not have many round contours, hologram might not show up as much.

So i went ahead and used a purple/green color shift chameleon paint instead.


Maybe it needs a clear coat on top?

Yep, clear coat was applied also, perhaps the camera didn’t capture it too well, but it looked pretty meh in person as well, i’ll revisit this paint sometime in the future… :dizzy_face:

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Which bed liner spray are you using? Considering it for the hyperbeast


It’s a brand called Samurai paint, a brand in Malaysia. It might be tricky to find in the US, so you might want to try a brand from Rustoleum, or ask what @DerelictRobot uses on his Prototipo.


Let me just go on record by saying that whatever @Linny did looks a lot better than my method. I just used some 3M truck bed liner that smells of cancer.


I smell a new vendor on the block… a new supplier of truckbed liner… :smirk: