went for me first ride with the Voyager remote today, it was good. need to make some throttle adjustments, it’s a bit touchy, otherwise it felt nice


Can’t seem to apply both code for remote and for truck :man_shrugging:
Is this intentional? @BuildKitBoards

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Unfortunately this is a limitation of Shopify. Email support and they will get you squared away.

@havenever glad you like it!! Dont forget you can fine tune the three riding modes on the remote itself. No need for the VESC Tool! I will have a chat tomorrow with the fulfillment team to make sure they are chaining the color of the fang. Apologies if you received the wrong color. @Lionpuncher

@5urge just saw someone earlier today on Facebook put who them on their Zeus. Can’t find the pic again, but im pretty sure they will work. They just need to be ~93mm diameter (which you can measure by taking off the current wheel).

@Brenternet much love :heart:


Also, this killer battery deal is still available…

Easily worth $2800

Meh, I’m not fussed dude. Actually goes with my riding gloves haha.

I have 5,880 brand new Samsung 50E cells that I need to get rid of (LF1T). Anyone interested in taking them all PM and I will let them go for a significant discount.


Maybe hit up @Kaly

I think they use 50E

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Yes the zeus guy was me and they fit and perform great. Super happy with the purchase!


@BuildKitBoards can you sell spare tubes?

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Lets see the full board with the new shoes!!


Not as of now



Mine just came in although I’m a bit confused on a part it came with, what is the floppy tail piece supposed to be for?

Also as a note to anyone with smaller hands, the remote may be a tad bit big to hold. I can still comfortably reach all the buttons with my thumb though so I don’t see it being an issue. As for a concrete size comparison, I wear a youth medium in batting gloves. (great option for not too cold weather so you still get maximum dexterity and durability)

I bought the 12S10P battery, and well, when it said it was the same size as the 12S5P Duo Type R battery…I snapped that bugger right up.

Well the battery packs are huge…is anyone disappointed they didn’t get this pack?

If so, I will sell, and could also add the proper charger.

pictures and measurement might help?

x 12S10P 2 Piece Battery and Charge Port XT60 Discharge Plug XT30 - GX12-4 pin Charge Plug Bypassed BMS for charging 50AH 2220Wh Samsung 50E Cells Brand New Same dimensions as 12S5P Duo Type R Battery 300 x 170 x 40mm (x2 Packs)

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looks like it would fit this Pelican case when stacked up


Thanks very much.

Interesting idea…I bought the darn batteries before I engaged my brain.

If anyone reading this could use them, reach out…tripping over them on the workbench makes me sad.


@BigBen if you don’t mind potentially helping @m_oliver1 sell a battery pack. What enclosure if any have you made that would fit a roughly 600 x 170 x 40mm pack? plus ESC,etc?

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Mmm, nothing that would accommodate that for sure.