bits and bobs for sale (uk)

random baseplate - £5

random truck - £10

bestech d596 bms (can include switch for it) - £25

12s6p 30q battery - has daly bms attached but no charge port soldered yet - not in great condition but it works - £100

over discharged exway battery 12s2p (i think) at around 20v or so (havent checked in a while)

2 maytech 6396 motors 210kv

1 is brand new but got a bit messy when having its shaft being cut and being attached to gear drive (work perfectly) - £75

1 broken no idea what issue is and completely messed up (useful for magnets or to play around with) - £15

4 rough stuff wheels with pretty cracked cores (please dont use as you will end up killing yourself) - £10

you pay shipping pm me with queries


may add more items over the coming days
need it all gone asap so please send offers and let get it all sold

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i also have some more stuff for sale on a different thread

hummie deck and enclosure
2 sets of carvon direct drives

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If they’re useless then aren’t they valueless? xd


If someone want them for other purposes or to fix the core
If someone want them just gimme a couple quid to make it worth my time to package and go to the post office etc

Don’t ride those Rough Stuff wheels, they are dangerous as the cores are cracked.

Maybe we could get them to @Savage1 so he has a hands-on example of the clone cores, for pulley fitment testing.


yeah sure happy to send to @Savage1 for free if he can cover shipping

tried being clear about this

need to get rid of everything as im doing some house cleaning


Those broken wheels are great as shipping padding for direct drive units :laughing:


yep great :laughing:
but doesnt look like my direct drives are ever getting sold and need some space in my house

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Hmmmm, wonder what the demand is for abec clones?


probably mostly at cloudwheels


I agree with @Halbj613

Mostly Cloudwheels

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Might be interested in the battery
You got some inside pic of the battery ?
What do you mean “not in great condition”

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i had to open it up a little at one point and i saw some balance leads crossing and some soldering between the cells (not the best but not awful either) (it was built by a respected builder here)
also its quite old and has done many cycles

sadly not sorry

Mmh ok i think Ill pass

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no problem

bump bump bump



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