Bird Scooter Build; 2WD, 2 Person, 10S8P

So I started off this project wanting to make a EV for my non-longboarding friends to be able to ride around with me. But then I also found out how fun it is to have a passenger on the back, and to cruise around the town in the middle of the night. Hate all you want, but scooters are the shit.


I was able to find this bird scooter on craigslist locally, and snagged it for 60 bucks. The previous owner said he got it from an auction a few months back so im presuming its not “hot”. Either way, I quickly removed the cellular modem, and found the two included batteries were still charged and usable. This was my first time on one of these scooters and initial impressions had me impressed. Its a good size for adults, and feels pretty sturdy.

Initial Build

So the bird scooter is just a re-branded ninebot scooter. It actually uses the same ESC, but just has a different firmware installed. Unfortunately my stock ESC was also water damaged and the 3v rail was shorted to ground. Instead of attempting board repair, I just purchased a new dash, and new ESC, flashed them to stock FW with my ST-Link v2. I then painted the down tube, and re-assembled it. I thought I was good to go, but unfortunately 20 minutes into my ride the ESC blew, making me kick the whole 2 mile ride home… While it worked, the scooter had decent power, but my experience with ESK8 left me desiring more…

FocBox Upgrade

So after the mess of using the stock ninebot electronics, I decided to make the switch to some focboxes. Originally I was going to use some NeoBox v4’s but because of the delay, I borrowed some focBoxes I had laying around. I was worried the battery wouldn’t be large enough, but I found battery hookup was selling the same packs for 30 bucks each and bought 2. I also was able to find some replacement hub motors on Ebay to throw on the back for 2WD. Now for the battery box I noticed the mid size harbor freight waterproof case was large enough to hold both the batteries and the focBoxes. So I drew up, and milled out some aluminum mounts that would attach it to the 2nd battery cage. I also milled out an aluminum plate to be passenger foot pads with some 3d printed grips. After finishing all of the wiring, she was ready for the maiden voyage.

One Last Hiccup

well…I had to find out sometime that the scooter wasn’t designed for two people… I was riding with my girlfriend on the back and we rode over a pothole that just ripped the rear tire out, dragging it by the wires until I came to a stop… Of course, the phase leads got shorted and blew one of my focBoxes. Out of this though, I managed to complete my first successful DRV swap, throw another hub on and machine some new plates to connect to the axle. So until something new brakes, this is how it’ll be.


Wait a minute I was for sale?

this is super cool! Looks pretty nice…


Yeah, the dash is just the speedometer readout, bluetooth, and throttle input. But you can flash the stock bird ESC to work with a regular ninebot ES4 Dash. There are a lot of these scooters for sale from police auctions