Bioboard guts/ diy build

Hey guys

Anyone got any pics of the internals of a bioboard x4, I want to go for a similar build, 4 vescs, biggest battery pack I can make from moli cells, 270 or 320mm trucks, ain’t decided what motors to get yet, never built a board before so this is going to be a massive learning curve so I’ll be asking for loads of help, I’m still researching battery building, also not sure if I want to do a belt drive or gear drive, look forward to all the input and maybe some hate :joy:

You’re gonna make a $3k board as your first…?

If you want to do that then you don’t really need the internal pics of a BioBoard 4x4, it’s the batter in the middle with 2 outputs and a dual ESC on either end of the enclosure with a CAN cable connecting them

You will need to pick the deck > enclosure > ESCs > battery > wheels > trucks > motors > gearing in roughly that order if you want smooth sailing

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I’ve already got the deck and enclosure on purchase, vescs maybe the trampa, I trust them, I’ll be building it slowly so cost won’t be an issue, main job is to get the battery right, I have a double enclosure like bioboard, just wanted to see the battery placement, unities on either end, trampa vescs maybe too big for my enclosure but I’ll find out when I get the bits.

I already own a g4x and trampa pro drive, just want a board for stable high speed riding, tb110’s is the route I want to go

12s6p 30q battery with 2 unitys one on each side
Its a bit tight though

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Please elaborate on all the parts you have purchased, it will let us help you with what you can actually do

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Thanks, 12s6p sounds good, I was thinking moli cells, may have to reconsider

Ly evo40 deck with double enclosure

I think this is only the case is you use a charge/discharge BMS they used. I have a 12s6p 40T dual unity with charge only BMS and there is plenty of room I think.

EDIT: this is the pack that was in there a lot of space taken up by the BMS


The bms is huge, I’d probably go for a smart charge discharge bms, been looking for trucks, fatboys are currently out of stock, do the bio boards use the fatboy base plates too?

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Enclosure looks identical to mine, is that the 40inch deck?

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My enclosure can hold a 12s8p and a double vesc, might give you guys an indication as to what a 4wd build will hold

No they use caliber II Baseplates. 44 in the front and 50 in the back. (Or something very similar)

Yes it’s an evo 40 with DS enclsoure from @eBoosted

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