Bindings or no bindings

Sooo i was working on my loaded deck and decided to put bindings on top so i could try to jump up curbs and experience how a board with bindings rides.

But now this happened, stupid me placed a screw directly in my enclosure path.

Now do i remove my bindings and fill the holes, which will be ugly in my opinion or shall i cut out a piece of the enclosure, print a piece and seal it again which will compromise waterproofness and all the work i put in sanding and polishing this enclosure.

I do not know how to add a poll,


  • Keep bindings
  • Trash bindings
  • Half bindings

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Take the middle ground. Half bindings aka foot hooks.

Try to fill the holes and reposition it in a better spot


I think it would be best to countersink the holes on the bottom, and use countersunk screws… So reverse the bolt so that the nut will be on top of the board. Same way trampa does it btw!


Oooooooh you smaaart, but i wonder now if i even want the bindings :smiley:

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I would try it for science!! :slight_smile:


No bindings for that board…bindings + street boards = less teeth


I already have less teeth hahahahahahahahah

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Poll: select gear icon>build poll


Thanks, done :slight_smile:

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Fak, i voted on my own poll :exploding_head:

bindings no bueno for street… try adding footstops maybe, and dont go too fast on this flexy fker :sweat_smile:

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by no fault of the OP, i feel like this is a question straight from the Necronomicon :rofl:

seems like the primary goal is for street hurdles, @Arzamenable go fast on the street using foot hooks. Mike have you used to assist with jumping?


I have read some discussions about it before hehehe, but i was just in a dilemma with my build, so i wanted some input from the people here.

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Well, if you want bindings you could cut out for the screws and silicone the fuck out of it


Thats silly-cone :wink:

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@wandagoner and OP,
they are good for hops down curbs (not up), going fast over railroad tracks, aggressive starts in traffic.

They will hurt your toe side turn radius. The forums will never forget. You can still fall okay, but the perfect tuck and roll is less likely/harder.

I’m a proponent for half straps/hooks on street (freebord and yobis), MBs and trampa full straps on street is ballsey or stupid. Heel straps? GTFO.


Thanks for your opinion overyone :smiley: it seems like the most people prefer it without, i think ill get rid of them then.

Also @Arzamenable thanks for your info, i see you and your wifes boards a lot in the pictures with the freeboard bindings right?

Yeah, I like being locked in. I snowboarded longer than I skateboarded back in the day.

I’d probably be a better technical skater if I didn’t use them. First two years of Eskate were with out them.