Bigger bushing cups?

Hoping you guys can answer this question. Maybe @RipTideSports could chime in too.

We having cup washers for barrel bushings but I have never seen cups\ washers for larger bushings like the Riptide fat cone or chubby.

Is there a reason why?


I was under the impression that with wider bushings, the squish is proportionally less than a regular sized bushing of the same duro, so using a flat washer lets it squish more so you can get more fat-bushing benefit.

I also don’t know what I’m talking about.

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The fat cone should fit “normal” bushing cups. The smaller end goes into the cup (boardside). There are a few trucks that can take a chubby. Which trucks do you have?

Edit: throwing an edit in here to say I completely misunderstood what you were asking, but leaving original post to show I can be obtuse sometimes :rofl:

I have run several fat cones on DKP and TKP set-up. I have always had the larger diameter side of the bushing boardside. Always paired with a large flat washer from Riptide. There is no way the big side of the bushing will fit in the hanger.

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Metroboards dkp can take a chubby bushing. I designed bushing cups for surfrodz tkp to take a chubby which I use in both my dkp and tkp builds. There are several rkps that will take a chubby as well (bn, caliber)

Yo bushing cup sounds like you are referring to a pivot cup bushing. Which is even farther from the two bushing seating parts that could be conflated.

How about cupped bushing washer?

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This is incorrect, the small end of the FatCone goes into the bushing seat and the stepped end of the Chubby goes into the bushing seat also. On trucks without a bushing seat, you can run a FatCone and Chubby “flipped” but not many trucks will accept that orientation.

The reason why very few people would need them because the shapes support so much more weight and a cup washer would be overkill making the trucks unturnable for 99% of riders out there. Since the application is so limited, the expense to make them is extremely high. Stamping is out so machined is the only option.


Sorry, my verbage when referring to truck parts, pieces, orientation and ends is lacking. I suppose I meant “seat” instead of cup


That makes sense. I am a bit on the crazy side maybe I will give it a try!

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