Better gear drive design idea

So basically, I was watching YouTube and saw this video it’s about Vsauce doing stuff with Adam savage. He touches upon a subject that I think we can apply to make better gear drives. This is my first time posting pictures hopefully I do it right

Here is a picture of this applied on a wheel.

What if we made our gear drives like this to decrease resistance. Also, I imagine it would make geardrives very quiet. I dont have the resources to test this myself sadly, but anyone who does have the ability to, I think it would be a interesting project. What do you guys think of this?


Are you suggesting the epicycloid model or the hypocycloid model for gear drives? Im not very well informed on the topic, so let me hail some who are.

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I see it working on a belt system but not a true gear to gear drive.

This definitely won’t improve a gear. The teeth profile is carefully designed so the contact line at any given moment is subject to a minimum sliding as possible

In other words, you want each teeth to touch each other without creating additional friction, they just roll. My intuition may be wrong, but this profile appears to have a significant amount of friction while rotating

The epicycloid and hypocycloid go together, they are the exact opposite of eachother, which creates a smooth rolling action.

Ah now i understand what you are proposing. Thanks for clarifying!

I’m disappointed in you bud