Best way to save current settings in VESC - just swapping motors on Lacroix lonestar w/ stormcore

Hey y’all. So I just got done with the install for Falcon drives on my Lacroix lone Star… I had another set of hyper trucks and New motors basically the same as is on the board I bought from the lacroix fully assembled…

Because I wanted to keep riding while I was going through the process of installing the Falcon drives I installed them on my extra set of trucks and motors I had for another build I was working on.

I’m now realizing I’m going to need to do motor detection again and I’m not super super familiar with the VESC tool.

I’ve done a bunch of motor configs from scratch but what I’m trying to do now is preserve the “factory” settings on the stormcore so that swapping the old / cutrently installed trucks n motors n belt drive assembly with the new trucks motors and falcon drive assembly I’m able to set the stormcore up with the exactly the same settings as it had before I disconnected the old motors and connected the new motors.

I think there’s an easy way to read current motor config is that how I would do it if I want to save all the same settings as first before I disassemble the enclosure and disconnect the old motors is to read the current motor config using the vesc tool and save it and then just reload that same config somehow?.

Apologies of this should be in the noob forum…

I’ve built three other electric skateboards from scratch two of those have unity’s and the other build i stole they barely ridden hyper trucks and motors off of to install the new Falcon drives on to put on my lone Star is the only time I’ve set those motors up with the vesc tool but I had a much smaller battery I was working…and again I’m just trying to preserve the settings as they exist in the stormcore now but I’m fairly certain I need to do motor detection for the motors even though they’re the exact same model of motors that originally came on the board right? I’ll stop typing now. Thanks in advance!


doing motor detection is not hard. Just click through the wizard. Every question you should be able to answer.

Just need to tweak a couple things after like the duty cycle current limit start.


Theoretically should/could i using the android VESC tool connect the tool over bluetooth to the stormcore, hit the backup configurations button and save the current config then install the new motors etc and then connect the stormcore to the vesc tool on my phone again and hit the restore configuration(s) button and then do a motor detection with the settings from hitting restore configurations and be good to go?

Of course checking to be sure nothing looks wrong in the each of the settings tabs (battery current, motor current, regen current, voltage cutoff starts & stops, etc) ?

I dont see why you need to do this. Your VESC configuration is not saved in the motors, everything that should be reset when swapping motors is added in the motor detection wizard. Its literally stuff like wheel pulley teeth, wheel size etc that you should know. The battery amps auto detect, but if you want you can set them to be the same as they are on your current set of motors. Battery amps should save already but if they dont you should know them/can remember and enter them in (So only 2 numbers to remember…)

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10-4. Big Thanks to you 2. I Appreciate your time, insights, clarifications & the don’t be a wuss you know what you are doing kick in the ass.

I’m gonna go ride for a few hours.