Best way to remove 8mm surfrodz axle from BN220?

I just got a set of 220BN trucks and I had installed the axles with red loctite. But as I was building the board, I found that one of the axles was a couple thousandths of a mm to wide. So the bearings had to be hammered on and off. Also the threading was slightly crooked. No shade to surfrodz or boardnamics, I’m a machinist and I understand that mfg errors happen.
Right now I’m trying to find the best way to remove this axle from the hanger so that I can return it and get a replacement. I managed to heat it up enough to unscrew it from the threads within the hanger. But friction between the hole in the hanger and the slightly oversized axle is preventing me from fully removing it. I tried heating it up and hammering it to no avail. Does somebody know a good way to remove it?
Or should I just ask to return the whole hanger?

Install the axle nut on the end and use that to kind of slide hammer the axle out (assuming it’s fully out of the threads inside the hanger)

That could work, but the threads are crooked and bent from me trying to install the axle nut in the already crooked threads