Best value Hub/DD board?

Hi guys!
I recently sold my Exway Flex because I was tired of belts snapping.
Now I’m looking for a hub/dd/planetary gear drive board.
The things I care most about is speed and then range.
It’d be great if the board is easily carryable or dragable since I’ll take it on the train quite frequently.
Budget like max around €1200 but I’d rather spend quite a bit less if the difference ain’t too big in speed or such.

Would a Meepo Mini 2 ER be a good idea?


Meepos kinda sucks from my friends experience, basically break down a month after the warranty

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Get yourself a DD kit and a good batt/enclosure combo and a deck you like, should be below 1k and a way better option quality wise.

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Are you only looking for prebuilts, or open to DIY?

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best hub (excluding hummies) would be loaded hubs, next best is possibly neohubs.

after those two, might be hobbywing hubs (and u can use cloudwheels donuts if u care about that), which can be found from most chinese prebuilt hub board, except meepo, because they don’t use hobbywing hubs.

meepo 100mm hubs also isn’t too bad if u mostly ride on smooth roads

for dd drive, there are only 2 options in the market rn iirc. either TBDD or elofty v3, both have hanger bending issue, but TBDD can be upgraded using @Tony_Stark’s new hanger design, if u r on the heavy side, maybe go with that option. elofty is a hit or miss, but they are on the cheaper side if u r on a budget

e: ooops, i just saw u r looking for prebuilt, well…either chinese prebuilt board or loaded unlimited kit might be ur best bet.


Not open to DIY :slight_smile:

It’s a shame the Onsra challenger is just outside your price range.

I’m not gonna do a DIY :slight_smile:

Would you say it is worth double the price of the Meepo?
The speed is basically the same and range is likely enough for me with either of them.

I have tested hobbywing and meepo (lingyi) hubs extensively with super much load ( 2 grown men)

(To see how, check diywhy)

Meepo 100mm hubs snapped after 2 3km rides.
Axle snapped clean through.

Hobbywing hubs are still going strong and are not even bent after 250 km of 2 person rides at max speed.

If you inspect the design of the 2 drivetrains you will clearly see hobbywing is using the much stronger clamp design and lingyi is using the square fitting method also found on koowheel hubs, which is prone to get loose.


Hmm maybe I should just have someone fix my old Wowgo Mini, I have several sleeves laying around but it just stopped working after like 2 years of use.

U can probably make it better than any prebuilt, way cheaper

Maybe. If you have rough roads I would go for it, but if you have good roads, then save some money and go for a hub motor board.

Sidenote: I wonder if there are any EU board buiders that you could just pay to make you an ideal DIY board for the money :laughing:

At the moment there are no good/reliable DD kits out there… both TB and Elofty lack strong hanger/axle designs.

There is a fix for tbdd


Yes, but this does not fix the other design flaws with the motors :wink:

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Yeah but OP already said he wants a prebuilt, so my recommendation is obsolete anyway.

Probably not. Below ~1.3k you get more value out of a prebuilt, if you dont wan’t to use used parts.

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there is only so much we can do after a product is brought to the market, or we might as well design and make our own DD :joy:

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I’d suggest picking up a Revel Kit, it’s a really solid board. Fits in your price range and it’s only 12 lbs, can go on most decks excluding drop decks!

I love mine and the DD is super durable