Best trucks for off-road jumping?

I’m building a dedicated board for jumping and curious about people’s thoughts (@rich I’m sure you have good thoughts on this) on the best trucks for off-roading jumping. I’m currently thinking Matrix IIIs (trying to decide whether to go with the longer axles or not). I’ve got Apex Airs on my 4WD mountainboard but I feel like channels are better for landing.

I’d encourage you to check out some of the videos @Ean.esk8 has posted of the new RTKP, they seem pretty good for it as well.

Otherwise, yeah probably Matrix III, I haven’t done a ton of jumping with my airs but I feel like they would work decent

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Yeah I’ve seen those videos. I’ll probably be grabbing a set of those too.

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Prob the MBS matrix line up and Apex Airs.