Best narrow trucks?

Those hubs need a modded hanger, there is a 12mm square mount face so you’d need to lathe the first ~50mm of the hanger down to the axle then mill a square face at the new end of the hanger

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Plus those hubs suck. I have some from prebuilts that someone can have for the cost of shipping in 70mm and 90mm


Yea the super cheap Ali ones are probably not the best. I think the backfire hubs are also like that with the Square at the back.

And you had to live in US so it’s out of equation for EU retards like me

Count me in!

what mounts are those?

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Older style from BKB.
Fixed angle.
Low profile.
Single bolt.

Really nice kinda nice.
But not perfect.
May bend or move…

Can’t find them anymore…

Boardnamics has a short mount that is not crazy bigger than these.

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