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Best Hubs atm Price-performance ratio?

Oh cuz it’s Germany, yeah the good hub market is pretty much zero rn honestly. Hummie is not someone you want to buy from and Neo aren’t out yet. They look promising tho


yeah germany, thats why Iam just riding in the woods with my emtb. But a little undercover build seems perfect for my way to work and back. :smiley: I would like to take the emtb also but I dont think police will like that :rofl::rofl:


What’s wrong with hummie? I know he can be a bit opinionated but he still makes quality gear for barely any profit. The man is mad…in a good way.


i got some MAD hubs custom made on evolve trucks if you like? :slight_smile:


He’s broke, and can’t deliver products on time


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Well I can’t say I don’t see why but the product is still great if he can deliver.

50k is broke? damn, murica got some other standards than the rest of the world.

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This is the issue right? John has the best intentions I think but a product that will lose him money will likely not be in production long or supported.

It is when you’re still developing the product after selling it.


Yea i can agree with that. Get it while it’s hot :man_shrugging:t4:

what were the original hummie hubs like

i got offered a good deal for them (£100 shipped to me)

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From what I’ve heard they’re fantastic and that’s a sweet deal on them.

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You can get Maytech hubs. Their quite reliable. You also can get some Meepo hubs. They are the most powerful ATM. Or you can get AEboard hubs. They are the most comfortable.


as in spesifically the original ones v1

I have no experience with them so take my opinion with a grain of salt. All I know is the man makes quality gear and they seem to last.

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I can recommand Mad hub or like,… maytech was not so much fun …

Got the Mad fury kit to sale, but its maybe not that undercover as real hub.


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wanna talk value for money check out pei pei they got hub motors in that 6" to 10" range you want for going anywhere

If you looking in the 90mm range you gonna be kicking yourself for missing out on the @jeffwuneo group buy

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From my experience I’d recommend the Esk8 supply airless hubs for maximum comfort or the backfire ones with replaceable urethane
Both quite powerful enough and reliable.

I’d recommend meepo 100mm hubs like mentioned above.
Cant beat that in the price>performance category. 46km/h top speed on 10s on 90mm. and even more with 100mm

If you want stealth, you’d probably want a exway or teamgee prebuilt