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neoHUB Group Buy (Same as loaded motor but sensored)

Hello friend. Some ask me about hub motor. We have contact with factory who make Loaded hub motor just now and some say interest to buy this motor. Is exacting motor use and come from same factory but for friend we can offer good price and make some better change.

Motor is 5035-14P motor and 75kv with sensor for VESC compatible. We can selling special price for friend if can sell 30 motor or 15 set we make $120 USD/ea ($240 for set of two) plus ship. This include some PU we make in white or orange colour.

This motor can fitting any truck and no need special.

If interest, please say me. Because CNY is coming soon if want do this needing to make quickly because factory need 30-35 day to making.

  • neoHUB motor x 1
  • neoHUB motor x 2

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  • neoHUB motor x 4
  • blank

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I want 2 sets Jeff! You need an option for 4 :rofl:

Excellent work friend!


No can edit :frowning:

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Wow interesting. I believe I’m in. If they fit Ronin and they have some balls, hmmmm.

$120 is for one motor? So for dual, it’s $240?

For comparison, Unlimited is selling:

  • single motors for $199 (including otang sleeve).

  • single otang sleeve $17

  • 2 normal wheels (caguama) plus 2 sleeves $68
    CORRECTED thanks @glyphiks
    I see on :

  • 23mph/37kph (solo, cruiser – both are single motor)

  • 26mph/42kph (race – 2 motor)

(EDIT there’s only 1 type) @jeffwuneo do you know if your hubs will be the slow or fast ones? Will you be carrying these as regular stock?


I not see ronin before. I can measure for inside. for $120 is include our basic PU we make for these in house. motor is 95kv. and we can easy make stock for these.

There 95kv so I’d assume these are the fast variant.

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We can changing kv if want, but can only making 1 kv or factory get angry.


Will the cover of the cap stay green?

We make them black for production.


The speed is only dependent on the number of motors, i don’t believe there are multiple kvs of the loaded motors

I threw 85mm 1:1 10s 95kv into a skate calc. Unweighed top speed: 34.99 mph / 56.32 kph. I like the top speed :slight_smile: but with that kv I worry about torque.

Again for comparison (I’m guessing these are the non-race motors) at


Max. power: 840 W
Max. torque: 4.5 Nm
Motor type: Brushless (no wear)
Liner specs: 85 mm diameter, mild offset, rounded lips
Contact patch: 58 mm
Liner material: Custom molded high-rebound Orangatang Happy Thane urethane 80A

solo is single, cruiser is dual single, race is dual.


I put it into a calc and got 27mph weighted so I assumed they are the race ones.

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Cruiser is single motor, 2 batteries


Lol! thanks, and i’m fixing my post

For two motor is should be no problem for torque. Motor is very power.

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I make render for motor to show what look like.

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(old discontinued version)

(new narrower version)

These trucks have a “queen pin” that makes them very stable yet responsive. Excellent trucks, very desirable, but very few motor mounts fit these well.

There’s always trade-offs, right? The actual motor is very small, so it can make lots of power/torque but if so, must get very hot very quickly. So far every hub motor I have tried gets very very hot (Carvon, Enertion, Hummie, ownboard, torqueboard/maytech/madhubs). All that I’ve tried I believe are larger (much larger) than 5035.

Still, if they fit Ronin/Cronin and run well, I might have to get more than 1 set…

@jeffwuneo thanks for doing all these ideas for us!


For these motor I watch construction in factory. Is not like all other hub motor. Motor can getting warm, but is depending on how hard you riding for. This motor use radial magnet for good efficiency with tight winding. Is done by machine.

This dimension for inside back. If truck smaller than 24.6mm then it can fitting.

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