Best elbow/forearm protection?

Looking to upgrade my elbow protection. Currently using a leather jacket with d30 CE2 pads. Thinking it might be better to get an elbow/forearm gaurd instead. I see alpinestars has e-rider elbow gaurds with ce 2 protection. The Leatt knee dual axis in small might work well as elbow gaurds. I see some people use the surpass ones, and I see fox has the latch pro, titan pro, and Titan race.

What do y’all think? What offers the best protection for fit, impact, and sliding?

I use the Nobleman TQ1 carbon fibre elbow pads.

They extend down the forearm and stop short of the wrist. They’ll slide as opposed to compressing. Only fallen once in them and that was backwards off an EUC at low speeds, have scrapped the pads but had no idea i had even hit my elbow until I saw the scratches

you are on to something,i was using lazy rolling armored jacket,the problem is it doesnt slide,so it damages the jacket and it MAY make you tumble.
Im using a motorcycle suit with hard external armor,but im trying to killmy self, (its not for everyone)i have some elbow armor for riding with my kids,ill pull it out later and add a pic. I also had good luck using extra small size shin/knee armor ob my arms(yes this sounds stupid)but it gave good extended coverage
but i like this style more than just elbow,granted as i said imseeking a noble death on my board

good luck and 21$ for the above pads is CHEAP!!

Hmm, can’t find a CE rating for them. Probably offer good protection, but without that rating I would be skeptical of using them at higher speeds.

I use these when I’m not wearing my inflatable sumo suit

Are they comfortable? I have motorcycle clothing from them but haven’t tried their other products.