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Best bearings for our boards...?

I’m looking for a new set of bearings. I had bone reds bearings which didn’t last me long, so I have turned to the wonders of to find the perfect choice… except their was no thread I could find on the best bearings!?
If you would like to share your setup and which bearings you ride, please do share!
I’m hoping this can combine and concentrate people’s opinions and experiences to establish the best bearing out there that won’t blow after 50 miles.
If you do nominate a bearing choice, please note the name of the bearing,sizing, your experience with it, price, shipping, availability, etc

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How did you blow bearings after 50 miles? I think I’ve run run a set of cheap ass $3 bearings for maybe a hundred miles exclusively in the rain…run hard and put away wet every time


No clue. I would ride in the rain, they got hard and crunchy, and didn’t spin very well after a short 50 miles. Cleaned them, used em for probably 20 more miles until now, where I am replacing them.
So more like 70ish by my estimates but still not much at all.


I like Zealous Steel, they’re cheap, with dual rubber shield, packed with nice heavy grease for the waters and got builtin spacers/speedrings.


2nd vote for zelous. Built in spacers, good seals, fair price.


I’ve fixed mine by pulling them apart, soaking in WD-40 for a hour or so, then spinning them clean with an air compressor…id imagine actual bearing lubricant would add maybe 50% more range in them?

But on all my good boards I run Zealous steels, 3 boards and counting


Now that I think about it. I was riding my board a lot in freezing temps, and may have cracked the ball bearing cage/spaced for them to become misaligned and harden over with some sitting rust

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Looks like everyone like zealous. I’ll check em out thx!

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If you have an air compressor, just spin the wheels to several hundred rpm and that will dry them out

At the very least stomp the wheels to speed a bit…the centripetal force drains them pretty well


On my list of wanted tools, don’t have one yet
True, I should spin em out, good habit to form after a wet ride

Plus 3 for Zealous tighten them and forget about it. Your good to go


you sure you guys aren’t all part owners of zealous?
lol seriously tho thanks for the recommendation, glad I asked!


I mean they are not perfect or anything, but no fuckery with spacers and washers, come in steel or ceramic as per taste, well shielded from the elements, and they roll pretty damn well…what’s not to like? And they are literally $14 a tube to top it off!


Rating bearings for esk8 has most to do with longevity, aka how long will they last. I think there was a thread about this before, and someone bought expensive ultra sealed ones to see how long they would last. If that person wants to get up on stage, I would be happy to hear the results.


I use Zealous. Think they maintain good performance for a long time with zero maintenance… And they are 13 bucks


I was mainly wondering about this, longevity of bearings in esk8s considering we push them into rpms they are not necessarily intended for. I saw some bones bearings with 6 balls instead of the typical 7-8 which uses bigger balls inside the bearing, and other options such as ceramic. I was interested in if they made a major difference but if the zealous option works long term that’s fine by me. Would love to see those results as well

What brand would be these ultra sealed ones?

Dont bother with the number of balls stuff… zealous is all you need.

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Running a combination of Loaded Jehu v2’s and Bronson G3, no problems so far (1000km+)
The Zealous integrated are supposedly also good but haven’t tried them.

I also use zealous they are great!