Best and quickest place for Otang gear?

Looking for 36T 12mm otang core gears for my Caguamas. Ebay/dickyho china buy is ~38 for two, wont get here for a long time. Torqueboards is 35ish a piece, will ship soon. Is there a good vendor that meets in the middle in terms of good price and shipping time?

Thanks, friends!

Got mine from m boards. 15mm 36t. They had 12mm as well.

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Ours have spokes tho! :+1:


gear pulley, cough, cough



yeah dude if your in the US then Torqueboards is your best bet. They have the fastest shipping times and I can personally say their pulleys are pretty nice

It’s not to much more for shipping to have him send it fast. I ordered those exact pulleys from dickyho last week and it came in 4 days(fast shipping). It only takes about 2 weeks otherwise.