Best ~$500 Shortboard?

Hey guys, I’ve got a friend looking to purchase a shortboard for around $500. I know there’s a few options out there but I was wondering what y’all think. He’s not really looking to build one due to time constraints, so we’re talking pre-builts.

What are the best options? This is what I have so far.

Backfire mini:

Okay, kinda sketchy at top end of speed, okay range.

Meepo mini:

Also okay, range is okay, sketchy at top speed.

Wowgo mini:

Haven’t heard much of it, looks kinda bad tbh.

Boosted mini: out of price range
Riptide: Nope
DIYE: Nope
Acton: probably nope
Random amazon boards: def nope

My comments on some of these boards are just based on Youtube reviews, I haven’t ridden any.

I sent him the BuildKitBoards kit as my best recommendation right now. He’s also a mechanical engineer like myself, so the basic assembly is no problem. I suggested that he save a little bit because the quality is just better than the other options out there.

@BuildKitBoards Jared’s site says “preorder” for some reason, not sure if you are waiting for parts or what exactly. Do you know what an ETA would be on availability?

What do you guys think?


I think you’re thinking like id be thinkin…
Dont meepo/wowgo sell hub kits as well? He can just add whatever shortboard to his kit.

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I’d look at the ownboard m1. It’s a belt drive so it should help a lot with comfort. The backfire mini is known for being really harsh due to its small sleeves and carbon fiber deck, maybe not the best option unless he needs something really sleek and light.

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The backfire is a harsh ride, but not a bad one.

Its nice and light weight and feels quite planted too.


cant beat the value of the meepo mini. Get the ER battery for more range (should be ~$500 total)

Or get the meepo V3 “kit” and bolt it on whatever shortboard you want. (Takes minimal DIY skills)


Dude. What about the Vestar?
I have been tempted to get it to slap on a. Old school deck.

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I don’t think I’ve ever seen BKB preorders take an unreasonable amount of time to ship, and the communication is always great from them.

If your friend has the opportunity and the patience, BKB all the way.

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If you’re talking mini’s I would include weight as a category.

I’ve been contemplating the meepo, but i figure i can build a nicer commuter even if it will cost me double.

Boosted mini’s are probably not out of price range used these days, but I wouldn’t buy one now in a post boosted era.

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Im sure anyone who’s been around the block knows this, but in case any of yall dont, dont buy TeamGee

-sincerely, a TeamGee owner


You, Stop doing market research.

Gentlemen, go finish your builds and get off the forums.

Doesn’t matter, finish your damn builds. I will too.


Thanks for all the suggestions folks, for right now, I’ll see what he thinks of the BKB setup, the only question he had was if it came with the deck, which I told him it did.

If he thinks it’s out of his price range then I’ll consider some of the other options I forgot about that you guys pointed out.

It’s kind of funny how similar it looks to the Boosted lmao

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